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Why me.

by supern0vaa

I don’t really have much to say. I am just so sick and tired of everything ._.
I feel like I have no friends, they all ditched me the other day and I was just left somewhere alone with nothing to do and no way home. It was nice.
I have 2 best friends, and they’re both currently in different time zones. One is in Spain, 9 hour time difference. And the other is is New York, 3 hour time difference. They are never awake at the same time as me and it’s just hard to have someone to talk to, when they’re always too busy for you and so far away.
Basically lately, i’ve been faking the happiest smile. And I am just ready to give up. There’s no point in this pretend happiness. It all just ends badly anyways it seems.
4 am and my head is pounding, but I can’t sleep, bah.

On a happier note~ I hope everyone is doing well and is having an awesome day.


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distant.road 3/11/2012 - 9:37 am

hi supern0vaa… I’m sorry things are rough at the moment… I understand the long-distance friendship thing… Sometimes the most communication we have is text messages and an occasional e-mail. Have you tried joining some community or volunteer groups? You might meet some people… and maybe some new friends. I hope you got some sleep…

love_19 3/12/2012 - 8:47 pm

Hello supern0vaa … Im in the UK so my time zone to you is different ( im sure this site is america or something im not sure) anyway when your ment to be sleeping im awake, so i no you dont know me but if you do ever need someone to talk to im a good listener and ill try to help you with your problems just give me an email or something if you wish!


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