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Tell me what’s need to hear

by Burning Ether


I want to give up I want to kill myself. I’ve worked out a couple of ideas jump from the story bridge, take all the pills I have (I’ve got about50) or/and hang myself. Jumping feels like the most reliable. Anyway can someone just tell me to give up, I’m sick of the supporting comments it stops me from acting on my impulses. So please if you’re going to comment tell me to end of everything. Tell me everything’s pointless. Tell me il be a failure and a nobody for the rest of my miserable life and I should accept my inevitable fate


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Scar504 10/27/2012 - 12:58 pm

I’m sorry, but i can’t do that. Nor can anyone else. Only you can decide that your life is pointless. I suppose it would be easier for you to go through with it if people told you it was a good decision, but sadly you, like the rest of us have to take responsibility for determining it for yourself.

I’m not trying to be mean; i’m trying to say that deciding to die is an incredibly serious decision, perhaps the most serious, and you should be fully commited to the idea, and thoroughly think things through before going through with it. “acting on impulses” is not thinking things through.

If you cannot resist the impulses please know that pills have about 95% or more chance of failing even if you doubled the number you have. Jumping is also not a surefire way.

I hope you can find a reason to live and be happy; it certainly isn’t the case that you will necessarily be miserable for life. Much love <3

truthbetold 10/27/2012 - 1:11 pm

if you were stripped of all your beliefs , you’d probably come to the conclusion life is pointless and just meant to be experienced

this outlook is unbearable to the mind .. if life’s all about experiencing, what good is the mind for ? it only seems to make life more complex than it should be .. the mind is compelled to create/find/attach a meaning to life to justify its own existence

however, the ONLY person I can encourage to give up = me, myself and I ..
not to piss you off, but I hope you’ll find a way to rise above your inevitable fate

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