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Solitude is beautiful…(this is purely a rant…)

by OddOneOut

Right now, things seem to be getting better. I’m able to go on without my razor as much, I can enjoy music like I used to, laugh purely because I want to, not feel that pain that can’t be explained somewhere within my heart…

But that will all change when school starts again. When I have to rejoin the real world, and see it for what it is. When it presses itself against my face – when reality comes back to wake me from my dreamworld that I created to protect myself – It will all be as it were. I’ll be cutting again, empty, emotionless and hollow again.
Because that’s the only way to survive in this world…Not give a damn whether it hurts, to only think of yourself, because you can’t afford to think of others.

Human beings…every now and then you meet someone who seems to be truly different from the rest. Then, they show your their real sides.
Experience that enough times and you learn to trust no-one.
You can’t fool yourself forever.
Sometimes it’s good to give in.
Now…where’s that razor…?
Ahh, here it is.
My salvation
From this pain.
Between physical and emotional pain, I’d take the physical. Anytime.

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