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by -alone-

Dear, “Friend.”
It hurts.
You’re my friend, or at least I thought you were…
I’m not a toy that you can use.
I have feelings.
You are not here when I need you, you don’t care.
When I cry out for help, you act like you didn’t hear.
You call me a loner, but I’m trying to talk.
But you wont let me… You’re scared of me leaving.
I’m a loner.
I’m a weirdo.
I’m nothing.
I’m a *****.
Oh, It hurts.
Keep calling me names, It will only make me worse.
You say you’re kidding, just playing around.
But look closer at me what do you see?
An easy target, with almost forgotten memories.
You don’t need me, you have others while I have nothing, no one.
You have people who will do anything you ask.
So why do you need me?
Why do I keep coming back to you?
Why do I still trust you?
Oh yeah, It’s because your the only one that knows my pain….
I’m the one who knows when you’re crying, and I help.
You are so clear to me, so easy to read.
But now you’re just another memory.

Love, Alone. ~

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