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Allow me to vent and don’t mind me

by BurstingBilrost

Fuck it.

Fuck myself, fuck everything.

I’m in a perpetual emotional tilt. Dazed and confused. Head spinning.

Legs shaking. Feel like smashing stuff.

I would be a calm guy, I would. I am that guy. But have no choice anymore. I’m losing it.

There’s no choice. It all bullshit. Its in me and from the past. Its fatum.

Hey, I believed in peace and justice and all that. But seriously, if I had power, before abolishing this type of financial system, etc, I would FUCKING WHIP everybody first!

Just fucking burn, Just fucking burn.

All nonsense. I have nothing, nothing. Worthy men have died younger than me, so what the fuck? Why do I fucking deserve to live longer, say, than Mozart? I’m deadly serious.

Every life is precious? Tell that to bankters. Tell that to the billions of human meat. All words and abstract perpectives. Lies all!

Give me beatiful illusions!!! Fuck it!

I fucking desapoint myself all the fucking time! No choice. Nowhere to run.

Fuck, actually I should just take my savings, live in my car travelling europe then kill myself. Better that plan than stay here with my self hate and pity. FUCK!

I can’t stand it. I could’ve been more and i’m this piece of shit. A piece of shit!

My life’s been over a long time ago. Just fucking admit it! You don’t have to live forever! Hell, that would be torment. If there’s an afterlife I will insult all gods until my lungs burst. Fuck that.

And no, it not simply depression or chemical imbalance (money fucking schemes), life did it to me, yes it did.

Fuck it, another useless soul…

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lyssalookingforhelp 9/26/2013 - 5:18 pm

Travel might be good. Someone once told me I hate myself because of my family, not just because of me.

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