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Unable to Leave

by whatevs

I’ve never really liked going away from home. I used to be okay with it though. These past couple of years everything has changed. It started off with being unable to leave for a week. Then two nights. Then one. Now, even a full day trip causes anxiety. I’ve determined it’s not that I’m attached to anyone at my home, it’s my home itself. I am, however, going to college in 2 years. I’m scared as fuck. I’m really smart, and I have the grades to go anywhere. I’m afraid that my emotional problems will hold me back, leaving me unable to go anywhere but community college. I keep telling myself I’ll grow out of it but it just gets fucking worse instead. Idk why I’m even putting this here, I just feel like I have to do… Something :/

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L4Y 11/26/2014 - 11:04 pm


I can understand your concern, but college is still a couple of years away. It’s normal to feel apprehensive about being away from home for any great amount of time (although I realize your situation is different that just normal college jitters) because the entire notion can be intimidating. But college life also has its positives – new friends and a new atmosphere which can prove to largely be a positive. I would suggest giving yourself some time before you put too much worry into it.


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