December 1st, 2015by Take a Deep Breath

Ok, so I read a bunch of posts to day and it seems like many of you are angry and are enjoying calling people assholes (haha I love it). People seem to think that it’s not ok to get angry… that it’s not ok to express your frustration at a situation or at some dickhead who is ruining your day for no apparent reason other than his dickheadedness. So, lemme say this: if you have a justafiable reason to be angry, LET IT OUT. Don’t try and suffocate your true feelings with rainbows and carebears; grab your bat, swing at some trees, scream some fantabulous string of curse words to the heavens and just let it out. One day or another, you ARE going to explode. It is just a matter of time. And when you blow up at the wrong person, guess what- you’re now the asshole.
I just want you all to know that it’s ok to be angry, because that is part of being human 🙂 So go ahead, take that old pillow that you hate or that ugly ass f-ing vase that some estranged cousin gave you for Christmas or your birthday and smash it. You can’t heal when you are tearing yourself up from the inside out.

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