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by Drowning

Do we Live to work or work to live ??


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bah 2/24/2016 - 2:23 pm

The rich want us to live to work. That way they can remain rich assholes while paying their workers- the ones who actually do ALL the work- peanuts.

bah 2/24/2016 - 2:24 pm

wait- would that mean they want us to work to live then? well whatever, you know what i mean.

Snow Fox 2/24/2016 - 2:48 pm

Most of us live to work. With the amount of time and effort we have to put into our jobs just to get paid, we barely have time to enjoy anything outside of that. But it would be nice to work to live, have a break where you can actually be happy and do something (not that I can think of anything) once in a while as a reward.

Drowning 2/24/2016 - 2:50 pm

Thanks guys wanted people opinions because it was a real mind fuck for me lol

Beast 2/24/2016 - 5:12 pm

Watch the Zeitgeist movies and you will have a much better understanding of how the world truly works.

Drowning 2/24/2016 - 6:30 pm

Will do

rocketman 2/24/2016 - 6:38 pm


Unless we are independently wealthy Both.

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