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today was a good day.

by noneedforaname

Today was a good day, got to pick up that special lady in my life. My 11 year old daughter, what a complete and wonderful BLESSING she is, and she can always bring me outta my funks. Nothing beats the pure and innocent love of a child, and it truly humbles me to know that there is still a love like that in the world. She doesn’t look at me like the guy who works all the time, or the guy in the Motorcycle Club, or the guy that used to be married to her momma, NOPE !!!!!!!! I’m still just Daddy and that suits me just fine. Wouldn’t it be nice to be a kid again ??? 5 or 6 years old, everything thing was fresh and new, You were innocent, You didn’t know what it meant to judge or be judged. No worries, not a care in the world, and hell ( speaking for the guys ladies ) if you had a hot wheel, a stick, and a pile of dirt, you had yourself an all day event,. Don’t get get me started on the magnifying glass and a big want hill lmao. Just something to think about.


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gkks 4/23/2016 - 1:54 am

i am glad you had a nice day. I hope you have nothing but nice days from now on. A child can make problems go away. Their innocence, their beautiful smiles just gives give you strength to carry on with life. I do wish I was a child again. Nothing bothered me back then. Things were simple.

noneedforaname 4/23/2016 - 1:59 am

Thank you I hope all of yours are the best of your life, I wish that for everybody, the world went and got itself in a big damn hurry, and you’re absolutely right, it was so much simpler back then, too bad that simple doesn’t have a place in our world anymore, huh ???

gkks 4/23/2016 - 2:07 am

There is nothing simple in this world. You have to struggle every day. It is so exhausting. You are lucky you have you have daughter. It’s so important there is someone loves and admires you.

noneedforaname 4/23/2016 - 2:13 am

Yep, everybody should be so lucky, and it’s not just me, she seems to put everybody in a better mood. With all the screw ups I’ve done through the years, it’s nice to know that I got one thing right. 🙂

Cordless 4/23/2016 - 2:00 am

This reminds me of the unconditional love I felt when I was able to have pets.

My two cats would still love me even when I had the worst day ever.
I could cry into their fur, and they would purr and let me pet them until I felt slightly better.

If only there was more unconditional love in the world.

My health and disability is too bad to take care of pets anymore, so I live alone. But I definitely miss those days, even though I felt miserable then too.

noneedforaname 4/23/2016 - 2:07 am

Awww sweetheart I’m sorry, and you’re right about the pets, more importantly the unconditional love, it is a fantastic feeling to know that no matter what you do, no matter what you feel there’s always something there that’s always going to love you, and what the hell, I’ve read some of your post, and I know that it might be a handful but why not talk to family, or friends, or even neighbors for a little help and go get you a kitten, besides they’re pretty self reliant critters, I gotta feeling that you deserve one. 🙂

EmptyPluto 4/23/2016 - 2:05 am

Glad to hear you have a good relationship with your daughter. Ha, that reminds me of back in the day. My friends and I would bring our HotWheels to school and race them. I miss those days.

noneedforaname 4/23/2016 - 2:09 am

Those were the best of days and that’s why I wrote that. I’m 47 and still think about and miss playing with hot wheels. Lol

EmptyPluto 4/23/2016 - 2:13 am

I think I still have a small box filled with them in my closet. I gotta go check. Bring on the nostalgia!

noneedforaname 4/23/2016 - 2:17 am

Rite on, I might have to car jack a couple from one of my son’s, I just know one of them have some packed away at home, lol. The worst part is, I don’t care who see’s me, wait til the neighbors get a load me then.

EmptyPluto 4/23/2016 - 2:22 am

Lol. I can imagine, “What the hell are you doin’ running with those toy cars!”

noneedforaname 4/23/2016 - 2:48 am

Right, I’m running cause that’s how fast they can go, now where in thee hell are those pop tarts I asked for. Lmfao

Cordless 4/23/2016 - 2:50 am

I haven’t had pop tarts in forever!

I think I liked the blueberry ones.

noneedforaname 4/23/2016 - 4:21 am

Blueberry pop tarts rock !!!!!

Hazy Day Sunflower 4/23/2016 - 10:12 am

Thank you for this wonderful visual.

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