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Words, I Guess

by InteriusLight

Recently, I’ve began to feel entirely empty.
Even the one thing that I once loved to do and helped me not feel like a freak… I don’t feel different when doing said thing.
I’ve felt that I should die even more intensely, even to the point where from my last suicide attempt, I barely felt anything. Just vast emptiness.
I’ve also experienced even more self-hate for my body. I don’t like seeing my own face anymore. I’m beginning to not even like my own hair, the only thing that I was actually proud of about my body.

Well, I guess I shall end this post.



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rocketman 5/1/2016 - 8:06 pm

InteriusLight, everyone is unhappy with their looks except me, i like looking goofy, it’s what’s on the inside that’s really counts.

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