Can’t Last til my Last Breath

January 10th, 2017by Old_Medic60

Last Thursday during a period of mania I quit a job of 6 months. Went to the beach and put my ‘hood’ on. As I prepared the tank it occurred to me that I hadn’t removed personal effects from my friends house where I  landed in June after leaving the hotel. Didn’t want to  burden anyone having to root through my stuff. 

Called a crisis line a few hours later ending up volunteering to admit myself for this crisis.

Now several days later, really kick myself for not going through with it. I was in the right frame of mind and more so a valid reason to end life. Can’t get in to follow-up with the Doc til February 6th or whatever.

Now without income, not that unemployment is a stranger, dashed all dreams of gaining suitable living when I have to leave my friend’s place next month. Was looking into buying a very used camper. Well now that just may have to be a tent. Since forced to downsize, may as well be back under the hood.

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