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by sbkstep43

Hi Friends (old or new)

So, I have not posted on here in over four years (kinda) when I was leaving sixth form. A lot has happened and  a lot of changes. So get ready for a long update (SORRY LOVES).

  1. Started and stopped therapy
  2. Was on antipsychotics (and stopped them because of side effects)
  3. Was diagnosed with ASD with Social anxiety and Depression
  4. Took gap years from school and started writing a series (maybe one day, I come back and tell you guys I am a published writer (dreams))
  5. Got engaged again but it didnt last (sadly, I really loved her)
  6. Had a boyfriend and bought him to meet my family (worst decison ever, he was a manipulative bastard)
  7. Started working then stopped
  8. Notice most of my friends werent really true and on this really selfish path where I am putting myself first instead of others (which i have never been doing)
  9. I can’t say that I feel don’t feel the urges (to cut or die etc) but I can say I have been fighting it (meltdowns included)
  10. Fixed (or still fixing) relations with my family

So yeah, that’s the update. While I could go into details about each I don’t feel like its neccessary. The last update would be how I look now because man have gain weight but nah. If you wanna hit me up though, just look for the ghost inside u. Always willing to make new friends (or catch up with old ones.)

With love,


PS. Happy Sunday 🙂


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freeroma 4/16/2018 - 12:59 pm

good and bad, at least there have been a lot of changes and you’ve learned things.
and at least you’ve been trying, that’s a good sign.

sbkstep43 4/16/2018 - 4:57 pm

yeah 🙂

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