July 14th, 2018 by careforme

I wrote my suicide not last night because everything is fallen apart so here’s what I say

Dear Family, Friends, and my Boyfriend,

So sorry to do this but if your reading this by now I must be dead there’s so many reason why I’ve decided to end my life here they are

  1. Ever since I was born I was placed in so many fosters homes with so many schools and all the bullies I had dealt with
  2. Dad it was just the two of us before she came in the picture you let her control you and me and I hated it I learned to love her but she still thinks she can ruin my life and her kids
  3. All this bullshit you two put me through dad and HIS GIRLFRIEND never letting me go to friends house because of the kids always crying that I wasn’t home that’s not my responsibility its yours you had the kids not me so why put the pressure on me.
  4. when I found out you got her pregnant back in 2011 I knew life would change I was hoping for the better but it didn’t I became the mother of them you guys never took charge I was always feeding changing bathing everything a mother should do and I was only 10 only 10 I had my whole life ahead and all you could was nothing while I played mommy then you did it to me again 2014 I was almost 14 I believe here I was playing mommy to yet another child who wasn’t mine.
  5. My dear bother who wants nothing to do with me wont talk or nothing can’t tell me what I did wrong all I wanted was for my brother to see me graduate and he missed it on June 4th I was heart-broken.
  6. Feeling like a failure all the damn time like wtf is there an answer or no idk anymore so what ever.
  7. my mom who left me age nine I just hope the asshole doesn’t end up killing you like he killed me inside.
  8. babe I love you so much your my everything you did nothing so don’t think this is because of you it’s not if you read backwards it tells you who all did it and made my life hell.
  9. if I was still here today do you all think you’d changed the way you treated me I don’t know but it’s for the better that im dead now because I don’t have to feel this pain anymore

good-bye world



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