God hates.

  August 10th, 2018 by KingReaper1

God hates,

That’s why he no longer creates.


I who walk in the shadow of death,

I who ask only be set free from my pain,

I who hath nothing left to gain,

I who have greeted the reaper,

I who has gone deeper.



I who asked god “O lord release me”.

I who had to see.

God hates that witch destroyed his garden,

God who’s heart has hardened.



For fate has hold of me,

Showing for all to see.

Tho my scars be shown,

the understanding of my pain….. unknown…



I’ve ended me seven times.

Yet God makes me pay for my crimes…

Heven nor Hell wants for I,

And all I ask is that I die.



I ask god “Erase me… unmake me…”

Yet he lets me suffer.

My scars are like a light  for all to see.

I slice with all the strength I can muster.


If the notice they never say…

oh how I wait for that day….

the day I can stay












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