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I dont belong to this world

by Itscolourlife

Its not me
Its me
I want me
Its not me
I hate me
Its me
I love me
Its not me

This place that I dont belong to
Where is the place I belong to
No one care about me
The good deed I did
The other receive the happiness
No one remember me
You dont belong here
Dont you hear me?
The hell is your place to go

You hate everyone in this world
You hate yourself
No one care about you
No one love you
You are like satan
Since a kid you are just..

Till now..

Be normal..
You crooked mind..

Die with us
Keep the sadness
Slowly slowly
Turn it into hatred

But Im here
No one see you

They can
But they dont care

They care
When you are normal and be doll to them

You will never there
You wont get what you deserve
Cause you dont deserve one
You are always alone
Im your friend
I always console you

Prepare yourself
And hold the darkness
You will see peace

No I kmow its not a peace
Its the hell

But at least..
You will not live in the pain everyday

I know what you said is a lie
But I know death is better than living like this
Cause at least no one knows what will happen next

They forget you
They live happily without you
They amile and laugh when you are gone

Im a satan

Am I ?

Yes I am


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brandedturmeric 10/23/2018 - 12:03 pm

I like your style. Hold on

Itscolourlife 11/28/2018 - 8:25 pm

Thank you buddy

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