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A Hat in Time

by Itscolourlife

I step out..
Im trying to step out today..
In my heart
I feel the burden
I feel sick
Thats why I want to step out
Finding the reason why Im still alive

No one there
For me.. so..
I step back
I open the door
With hesitation I lock it

Its okay
Im telling myself
Its okay
Im trying to smile
Instead the tears drop

Im asking
Why Im still here
Dying is so hard to do
Living is so hard to do
I realize
Im just leftover
Wilting by myself
Deep in the sea
Out of this world
Craving to breath the happy life

I crawl into my bed
Wrapped myself with the cold blanket
I face the lamp at the ceiling
Not shining
Its dark

I reach my fake world
Listen to the hat in time music
I will end up sleeping the day out
Lets see the sun tomorrow

Maybe tomorrow will work
For me
For me…

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