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isn’t it funny

by beautifulsinner

isn’t it funny how mental health works. all of sudden you’re fine and then all of sudden you’re not. its funny how what works for some people wont necessarily work for you. its funny how i somehow am stuck in that pit of emptiness and no matter what people try and tell me or try to help me nothing works. ive been on almost every mood stabilizer there is. ive tired anti depressants, ive tried CBT, ive tried DBT. ive tried it all.

yet im still empty

ive lost the motivation to care about myself. ive tred to get better for long yet here i am, again. ive been writing posts on SP for 3 years now and honestly im tired of it. im tired of all of it. i just want to die, i want to kill myself. but yet, im so scared. is it normal to want something so badly but still be afraid? i dont have fight left in me, i dont want to help myself.

i have no feelings anymore, its just emptiness and despair.

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FarTooLong 10/22/2019 - 8:40 am

For what its worth, I hear you. I can relate on some level. Not completely, but at least a bit.

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