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by Itscolourlife

Its funny how I still think about donate my organs when I die..
I mean the one who want to live should get a chance..
Not like me.. dont wanna to live anymore..


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Anon 2/26/2020 - 11:24 am

Organs are only useful in very specific deaths where the body is left undamaged (meaning, no poison, asphyxiation, or significant trauma), and EMTs have to get your body to the ER within 10 minutes.

Unless you call 911 to inform them of your intentions, then literally as they’re knocking on your door you do it in a specific way that doesn’t also kill your body, then give up on the dream.

There was a guy who wanted to donate his organs and shot himself at the entrance to the emergency room and they still couldn’t get his organs intact. Within minutes it’s all butcher meat.

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