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Some people are lucky; Some people are not.
The more you learn about this world and society, the more you will realize that Life is random (chances), and yes, Life is not fair. Reality is depressing.

Most people who still always keep saying that “if you work hard, you will be successful!” are naive, ignorant, and simple-minded typical “optimistic/positive/happy-go-lucky” people you always see everywhere. And even for those people who realized it and therefore said that what’s important is to “work smart”, it also usually often means to be sly, cunning, opportunistic bastards who are too often selfish, pricks, ruthless, cold, heartless, and only care about certain shallow things like money, profits, power, position. And sadly often for the vain reasons.

There are often far too many challenges, obstacles, and also bad people who lurk just around the dark corners to eat you up, use you, trick you, manipulate you, etc etc you just name it. That’s why usually the truly good people, and the genuinely smart, wise, and idealistic, visionary type of people who have truly great and noble ideas for the progress of the world are often crushed, and losing out to the selfish, vain bastards and pricks of the world and society that I’ve just mentioned above. No wonder there are many stressful, sad, depressed, and suicidal people all around the world/planet.

This world is a shithole. Humanity is sadly not that great. Life is often disappointing. Society is sick. Existence is (mostly) just a meaningless, stupid, and pointless pain and sufferings until you die.


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theagonyandtheecstasy_ 4/1/2020 - 11:44 pm

Well, at least if you work hard, you’ll be respected for it

sgiksw 4/2/2020 - 2:01 am

Respected by who? The other slaves? Cause theyve been indoctrinated into the work ethic pushed on us by society to get us to pay taxes into the looping system. If you’re not gonna make an impact, why bother? There just too many people here and most ha sbeen done before to even attempt anything worth doing. Ill never respect a slave. Someone who has the discipline to get up everyday, go to a job, and make money deserves respect? Yeah. Cause its all about fake producing. Dead inside, they get off on the idea, well i work, therefore im “worthy” of respect for what i am contributing(paper lusher) to society makes me better than …?take your pick of any of the lower life people that exist on the planet. Its all an ego game. Theres no heart to anything left. Its a hollowed out autopilot shell of a soul of a planet. Dont think, just gte up and go to work, as long as youve got money to pay for netflix and your beach vacation.

darkwillow 4/2/2020 - 4:32 am

At one time, our work contributions mattered. In a hunter gatherer society: collecting food, building shelters, crafting tools, these were all major necessary aspects to helping each other survive. Each individual had a purpose and you felt your contribution. But now all of these things are an abundance. People chase money now. Your contribution to anything in the world is so small, you could never hold any significance.

IamMe 4/13/2020 - 5:37 am

From what you said, does it occur for current society only or society before year 1800 ?

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