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Rainwatch 6/25/2020 - 3:40 pm

Cool song. I know it well, from the Robert Altman movie Mash, I believe his son wrote it at age 14. Talk about perceptive lyrics!

Once 6/25/2020 - 5:20 pm

I just watched it a few days ago. I’ve seen it before, many moons ago, but suddenly the lyrics hold so much more meaning. Thanks for stopping in, Rainwatch!

Rainwatch 6/25/2020 - 9:34 pm

Hey Once, I was an on a Robert Altman binge about a month ago. Nashville of course is his masterpiece but I have strong feelings for MC cabe and Mrs Miller which features a Leonard Cohen soundtrack. That reminds me I actually have the Nashville soundtrack in the glove compartment of my car!

Once 6/25/2020 - 11:46 pm

I’d never heard of Nashville until now. Looked it up, it sounds good. Lots of characters and conjoined story lines…I’ll have to find it. A classic too, 1976. I thought MASH was interesting partly because the characters dialogue would, at times, blend together into a blur of speech. Two or three people all talking at the same time, like being in a room full of people all speaking loudly. The whole movie has such an air of improvisation.

Rainwatch 6/26/2020 - 2:24 am

You hit the nail on the head about the characters talk blending into each other in Mash, that’s an Altman trademark, he’s one of the greatest Directors probably in my top ten. You will like Nashville, then there’s another called Short cuts more recent from 1993, based on the writings of Raymond Carver, multiple plots, multiple characters, I think that was my first exposure to Altman and that prompted me to investigate his work further. When I take a liking to a particular Director I have to see everything they’ve done lol.

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