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A break from ‘friends’

by Virus.Found

Wow, just wow. I’ve been doing better without any friends but it was really hard in the beginning. So after a week I check my messages: 0 Just why do I care so much…? When you’re someone, that has so much affection to give, what the hell do you do.? Seems like, everyone who’s not depressed, is just not much of a friend these days. Oh, to be 16 again and have a bunch of depressed friends and they have so much free time, you could actually form a ball of clay and stick together for forever. Loneliness is no joke…

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splittedharrowing 8/22/2020 - 5:51 pm

god, i miss my friends. when we were young, we held on like we knew how. strange to realize that i never knew how, exactly, to hold on.

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