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The Edge of The Unknown

by JudgeMeNot

   What I believe that Man fears most is fighting something he cant see. Less or more terms, standing at the Egde and seeing nothing but Darkness. His mind drift’s far from reality. Without sails. Without hope of finding Trust in himself he can never truly know what He can Become. A best friend, A Respected Worker, Perhaps even A Husband to a Loved one.

   The future is hard to ignore and the world wont wait for you. It will always move forward.. Time.. That’s what it is, isn’t it?

   Some would Argue that Time doesn’t exist and it’s just an illusion. But to me its realavent. Life and Death shows when something Starts and then immediately Ends. My life on Earth started ‘May 5th 1995. I dont dare project an End Date, tho I do have a deadwish. The thought of suicide ironically I’ve learned, is a way of coping with my inner pain/Delusion. Anyways.

I dont want to make this long. Just food for thought. When we feel uncomfortable with emotions that cover us. That are Angry may define us. Are we seeking opportunity that we can see to use for are advantage, a easy way out or In to reality to finally be that someone?

Or are we afraid we dont have enough Time.





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