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Show your care

by Virus.Found

Who else is actually not cruel at all, but wants somebody to feel the pain, that you’re feeling yourself.? Yeah. Me. I bet if people would know, they wouldn’t be so f@cking disgusting towards each other.

My posts here are most often about how hurt I am by the actions of others. Can somebody tell me, how I can start being more ignorant like them and be less affectionate.? I can’t see anything but cruelty. What have I said wrong AGAIN.? Most often, I don’t get an answer. I’ve stopped asking this a while ago and turns out people are fine with that.

Also when someone seems like they aren’t fine, I ask. I f@cking ask. It’s not hard. It doesn’t take anything from you, except for a little bit of time, that you would’ve used to waste on social media anyway. You could save a life, asking, listening and being there for them. Or maybe even make their day or most often nights a bit easier.

And if you manage to do that once, then yes, maybe it will safe their life.

Because making a summary of days, that were especially depressing and lonely, could perhaps be lessened by one crucial day. And if more people pay attention and show compassion, more days could follow up, that weren’t that bad. This doesn’t help everyone, but it would help me. But that’s a dreamworld I live in. Where people are good and understanding.


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tired123 11/6/2020 - 1:58 am

I soooo understand where you are coming from. It seems today that people have lost their ability to have compassion for one another. There are still some of us that do care though. And that is something at least. I think the more you feel things the more you understand people and their feelings. Both a blessing and a curse.
At least there are some who care. Though they may be damaged as well lol
Im so glad I read your post. I feel this way often.

sgiksw 11/8/2020 - 2:05 am

Yeah. No one reaches out ever anymore. Not even family. Ive tried contacting them and they act like im bothering them so idont bother anymore. If they cared, they ask. I dont have anything to offer, so no one asks. All people care about now is what they can get from you. Were living in a time of extreme self obsession due fo the poison social media, people think they are these personalities they have created on,ine and how dare you challenge them tolive in reality. Even strangers dont make eye contact or smile anymore. Its horrible. Social media has made socializing a competition.

sgiksw 11/8/2020 - 2:08 am

And agree. Just one conversation would lift my spirits, to feel like someone cared to think about me. I had major surgery a year ago and not one person called to check on me, to ask how i was, except my mother who took care of me for a week, God bless her. Everyone else, nope.

sgiksw 11/8/2020 - 2:39 am

If youre interested in talking reply here. We can message or email. I have secure email. I care, and im looking for friends who understand.

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