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Happy new… Anything

by Virus.Found

I’m so tired of holding in 80% of my pain. Somehow others don’t notice the 20% I do show. And if I show more, no one wants anything to do with me. I mean, I get it. Nobody wants to hang out with a sourpuss, who ruins their happy mood. I’ve really tried my best. I did, lovelies. I can’t keep upsetting everyone for being too busy to give a fly.

So the solution is simple. I have to go away. I have to leave everything behind. Everything I’ve ever owned, been gifted or bought myself. And most importantly, the people I’ve constantly upset with my moods and needs. It’s already foreseeable, what will happen 2021. More pain. Endless misery. Have a new year, even if it’s not happy I guess.. Thanks for reading.


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Stupid B*tch 12/31/2020 - 4:28 pm

I hope this new year won’t be your last. I hope 2021 will be such a wonderful year for you. You’ve made it this far, and I hope you’ll decide to keep going. You’re so very deserving of experiencing true happiness. You aren’t a virus.

Virus.Found 12/31/2020 - 6:46 pm

Thank you stranger, that truly means a lot to me.! And I guess you’re not a stupid b####, so maybe we undersell ourselves, so nobody else can.. Take care, yeah.?

Robert77 1/1/2021 - 11:58 pm

I was thinking about thru hiking the Pacific crest trail and at my age I think it would probably kill me so maybe its not such a bad idea.

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