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Algebra shouldn’t be a thing

by Wisp

Not suicide related

What is complicated algebra doing in a pre test for maths and English in the course I’m about to do?
Unless the course itself contains this algebra, what is it DOING HERE?
I can’t even figure out how to do it.
I hate this shit.
This better not be in my actual course or I’m going to fail for sure.
Going by the subject matter and the name of my course I don’t see where the complicated algebra will be.
Do people even use this in their daily life? (Unless their job requires this).

I can do most other things in maths but not THIS!



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Once 1/27/2021 - 12:54 am

I witnessed the actual use of algebra by three engineers many years ago. They were facing a chalkboard with several equations on it and talking amongst themselves. If I had never witnessed it, to this day I’d think it’s only a hoax. It was humbling, made me feel insignificant. Because of them, the rest of us have fuel injectors.

Soda 1/27/2021 - 5:49 am

Yes algebra is very useful in the science/math field….sorry to hear that it is difficult for you. But actually it’s very logical-so long as it is taught properly. If you can do basic math, you can do algebra, it just takes a bit more thinking.

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