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Pathetic Start Of 2021

by Virus.Found

I’m so very empty… For 4 years you had been my best friend. But I didn’t feel important to you for a long while. I’ve cried out, for more time with you, more affection, but no matter how often I did, you didn’t care.. you didn’t care enough.

I’m not a happy person and I need more than other people do. I’m sorry, I’m like this.. I really am. Telling you goodbye, was one of the most painful things I did this year already. Great start of 2021.. Now I see you removing everything around me, that had anything to do with you. It hurts. But I couldn’t do this anymore. There’s only so many times you can make yourself a fool, until you’ve had enough.

I couldn’t take, being that pathetic, brokenhearted friend, who has lost his cat a few months ago… The holidays were supposed to be our together-time, but you’ve prioritised stupid things. You still have your 2 cats, I don’t have anything left.. no will to live. I told you that and you didn’t take me seriously. Maybe it’s because I’ve said it too many times before and it just lost its meaning. I’m just so empty.. You’ve disappointed me and broken my heart this winter. Thank you for that.

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