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the fact that I have to even make this post is ridiculous.

by system

don’t comment things that are even remotely sexual on my posts. I am a minor. I am a minor. I am a minor. no innuendos, no sex jokes, no encouraging me to be sexually promiscuous. it’s gross and it makes me want to cry. it’s triggering.  I thought I had made it abundantly clear that I have undergone long term child sexual abuse.  my sexuality is completely messed up because of it.  I’ve had abusers use the context of bdsm to make it seem like what was happening to me was “okay” and “normal”.  don’t give me abuse hypotheticals. don’t tell me ways to “get revenge” on somebody. just. don’t. it’s upsetting and I don’t want to hear it. don’t assume you know my situation. if you need context for things, it’s not that hard to read my past journals. please. i’m on this site because I’m not doing well. i don’t have the energy or patience to deal with things like this.


kindness and respect from me is a privilege, not a right.  nobody’s holding a gun to my head forcing me to be patient or polite with people.  in short, I’ll be kind to you if you treat me the same.  simple as that.


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blue_dude15 3/6/2021 - 2:32 am

I`m sorry that some people on this site have said that to you. I feel like even if you weren`t a minor, this would be weird and completely inappropriate. Not to mention that this is potentially triggering for a lot of people.

system 3/6/2021 - 2:33 am

it’s just so inappropriate.. and considering ive made it fairly clear that I’m a victim of long term child sexual abuse… it’s just so inconsiderate and in such poor taste

blue_dude15 3/6/2021 - 2:40 am

Definitely very inappropriate and inconsiderate. I don`t understand how someone thought that saying that would be helpful. I hope you’re doing ok after this!

system 3/6/2021 - 2:44 am

I’m just about to go to sleep. It was really triggering and upsetting, I think it’s best I try and rest in order to prevent a spiral. Crossing my fingers and hoping tonight’s the night I don’t have a nightmare

blue_dude15 3/6/2021 - 2:45 am

good luck

postal 3/6/2021 - 3:27 am

Wow, I’m so sorry if I offended you.

Abnormal.Thoughts 3/6/2021 - 8:31 am

I’m sorry you even have to say that. No one should have to put up with that here.

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