Coping Skills


I think I’m going to do it

November 14th, 2015by tandb

There are only a handful of things keeping me from doing it, and they’re all people. My wife, whom I don’t want to leave to pick up my shit. My little brother, who will be so confused. My parents, who will be ravaged. My employees, who will not understand.

But the reasons not to are starting to be outweighed by the feeling that I need to do it.

I feel like the moments where I think about doing it are the only moments of clarity in my life and that everything else is fake.

I think that the fact that I don’t want to do it, but feel …

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I just don’t know anymore

November 12th, 2015by deep002

I don’t know what the hell I’m doing anymore. Almost feels like I am just wasting life away. I have no idea what I want to do in life. I thought I had it figured out in high school, but when I realized I wasn’t able to afford university, I felt depressed. The reason I got good grades in school was to get into university; now I had to settle with community college. And if I was going to community college, what was the point of getting good grades? What’s the point of straight A’s if you go to community college? They don’t care. When …

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Am i getting better or worse?

November 8th, 2015by 5201jm

I’ve been  thinking  about  suicide a lot more these days, However a lil bit is starting  to  get  out too. Like  yesterday  when I was at work and my boss asks me to ball up beef in the freezer for burgers and I replied “OK but last time I was in there I thought about slitting  my wrists” she said “boy don’t make me take you away in a straight  jacket.” I can tell it was a joke and assume she assumed I was joking and laughed it off as I walked into the freeze.

In all honesty I really did think about doing it. There’s …

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November 7th, 2015by FancyArcadeCupcake

I need help.. I don’t want to live anymore, but I don’t want to die… I just want to dissapear off the face of the earth, I just want the pain to stop. My heart feels like it’s going to explode… Maybe I should start cutting again…

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Day 14.

November 5th, 2015by Alex

I’m afraid I’ve gone bad again. Well let’s be honest… I was never fine.

I’ve quite my job where I had to handle all the sexual harassment from my boss.

My “friends” don’t really reach out to me. I kind of don’t care yet it hurts .. does that make sense?

Still planning on my second attempt.

I did buy an anxiety toy so I can at least deal with that somehow.

But to be honest. The day for me to go seems closer and closer. Slowly.

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Trying something new.

November 2nd, 2015by abisslover25

My whole life I have been used and abandoned by men. After my last heartbreak I pretty much broke. I have been overweight most my life but once lost 100lbs. While I don’t have that much to lose again I think I’m going to use my anger and frustration and put it back into working out.


I am going to concentrate on me and my health for awhile. I want to get fit again and then instead of a relationship I’m thinking of escorting. (Not prostitution).  I just need something to shoot for a goal. I can’t “use” people without their knowledge so this is as …

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November 1st, 2015by A_UserName_

I want to end it more than ever. I Thought a broken heart would do it. I’ve tried and failed, and now I can’t stop thinking of trying again. If only there was an easy way out, but we all know it’s not easy to constantly have these thoughts and emotions with the willingness to act on them. How do you deal with it? is my question.

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October 30th, 2015by Owlman

In my previous post,, I mentioned my life with chronic pain. I’ve been becoming more self abusive and suicidal. Trying to find new ways to cope. Family is pulling more and more away no matter how much I try to be apart of their lives. I shaved my head today. It made me feel better somewhat. I don’t feel as hideous as I did yesterday. Feeling a little bit more normal. At least it would be a handsome corpse. Lol. Bad joke, but I believe more people will have that sense of humor here. Just wish I could find an outlet to find happiness.

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Family guy

October 30th, 2015by 5201jm

There’s an episode of Family guy saved on my Ps3. Its the episode where stewie and brian gets locked in a bank vault with brians safety deposit box. After a few joke and whatever when they both get drunk, stewie asks brian why he has a gun in his safety deposit box. Brian’s reply is he keeps it in case he ever wants to commit suicide. His reason is that he believes his life has no purpose. Eventually they reach a conclusion where stewie says “you give my life purpose, and maybe thats enough.”

Im still not 100% sure whether im suicidal or not but if …

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Poem for today

October 28th, 2015by kzn123

I’m new to here, so hello… I’ve been feeling down for a while now and alots been going on… I’m sure a lot of you can relate to this poem …

You make me feel so worthless
So depressed and so alone
You make me feel like crying
And cutting deep into the bone

You look at me in solitude
With your evil looking glare
Make me feel so worthless
Like I’m living in despair

I want you to understand
To have some gratitude in there
To feel the emptiness I feel
And the loneliness in the bed we share

Why am I here
What have I done
Will it ever get better from there
Can it ever …

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Just one…

October 24th, 2015by

Just one question to anyone who reads this. Am I the only one who sees this world as not beautiful with us on it? I think if every human was gone this world could be beautiful again…

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Illness of Stress and Parents. Help Would Be Greatly Appricated

October 21st, 2015by GerbzBaby

Stress has been making me feel ill lately. My chest feels tight, I’m more tiered than usual, my eating habits have declined, I’m more confined in my room, and my temper had been flaring on and off. The only things I can think about to get away from this is running away, or just ending it. But those are things I don’t want to do. But this “family vacation” we are taking in December is making me stressed to the point of feeling sick. Why you ask? Here is why-

One: The Plane Ride

Two: The Other Family

The other family is an ‘old family friend’ of ours. …

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Drowning in a Wave of Sadness

October 18th, 2015by winterskyout



In order to just breathe, I keep meaningful songs in my arsenal until another day comes along. This is one of them, a powerful melody.

“As time is passing on and all my limbs are slowly growing along
The things to love’s a multiplying song
And its growth, is racing at a stupid rate, my only option is hate
So I just have to throw them out with no doubt

And so that I am able to provide you with love
The greedy person that hides inside me
Would soon see, that he would have to stop adoring everything that he is;
The clumsiness was a creation of his

And so I…
And so I…

This …

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Alcoholic Loser

October 17th, 2015by JustReallySad

I haven’t posted in awhile.  Probably no one even noticed.  If you did, I’m sorry for not posting.  Stupid asshole me for actually thinking someone would care.  I think when I last posted I was manic.  Ended up in the hospital for that.  Don’t believe them when they say they won’t put you in the hospital for cutting.  I’m getting too old for this bullshit.  So they change my meds and I end up with major depression.  I wouldn’t even go to the docs except I want my Klonopin and Ambien.  Also, I need them to certify me so I can keep getting my disability …

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October 17th, 2015by BrokenInside123


Silence is all I want, When my parents are screaming and shouting, When the fights are my moms fault and she doesn’t want to admit it, When I get beat or verbally abused for nothing, Therapy doesn’t help, Because my mom is there feeding the counselor lies making me look like the worst most horrible fucked up kid in the world,

When I say anything that mom doesn’t like she disputes it, And the counselor sits there and says, Well Natalie I don’t think your mom would sit here and lie to me, And when mom is going on and on about how awful I am,

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I need help I think I’m going crazy!

October 16th, 2015by secretz180

As I lay awake at 4 am, I keep thinking and I hate it. My brain rushes with unwanted thoughts. It keeps bringing up everything I’ve ever done wrong in my life. It sometimes gets so bad I just start hitting myself on the head. Sometimes in my head I have this guy I call him Ryan, I imagine him to be a perfect guy. He tells me how ugly I am and that I’m nothing. I also think that I’m on this reality tv show and my made up in my head parents are looking at me watching my every move. Making sure I’m …

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Day 10… Oops

October 11th, 2015by Alex

So I haven’t been updating recently and a lot has happened in my life, so I decided that I needed to somehow let it all out and share with you guys. DISCLAIMER: It will be long …

So idk if I told you but my cousin moved back to my city (he used to live in Chicago) and he’s currently training to be a police man, but something that has been bothering me since he got here.. First of all, he doesn’t live with us, he lives with his other grandma. Second of all, my mom and grandma spend every single night during the week making …

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Just a quickie.

October 10th, 2015by noodle

Hello sp peeps.

I found this site a billion years ago. I wonder who of the old regulars are still alive and kicking? I see I must’ve deleted all my old posts except 3.

I am back here now, at this moment because something came over me tonight. (jesus mind the phrasing pls)

Hang in there and you can fucking beat this!!!

Ps. I kinda sorta got married this year <3

Last post on here before this one was somewhere mid September 2013.


Keep it real folks, don’t do stupid shit and know – there’s ALWAYS someone listening even if it is someone that you’ve never met or seen before, believe …

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Animal Crossing: New Leaf

October 10th, 2015by Haven

The title is an analogy of what I’m about to talk about. The light-hearted title doesn’t suit the content of this post.

In AC:NL, I came up with a shitty name a year ago for my town and I can’t change it unless I erase everything. I don’t want to erase everything because my efforts would have gone to a waste. So I’ve accepted it and left it as it is.

In my life, there are things that are either difficult to change or can’t be changed at all. Dying, at this moment, feels like the only viable option right now and that equates to erasing data …

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