Coping Skills


Let’s talk hobbies.

December 8th, 2015by whiskered-fish

I was thinking about hobbies and stuff recently. My therapist told me they’re pretty important in regards to recovery. So I was wondering, what are y’all’s hobbies? Any weird ones, or any newfound ones?

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I haven’t killed myself yet… and I think she’s why…

December 3rd, 2015by Chaucer

So here I am again. Alive and healthy, better than actually, my physic is great. Maybe that’s irony? Does that make me a coward? A fake? How long have I wanted to die after all?
I wanna say it’s harder when you see the people it would hurt, and you know they’ve gone though a lot of the same pain you have, and you wouldn’t hesitate to die to spare them just a little more. Maybe that’s what it means to have a reason to live? But since when do I care about other people? I’m the asshole. That’s how it works. I don’t build relationships …

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Where is your safe haven?

December 2nd, 2015by nextime1988

We all have a safe haven  a place where we can be away and safe from all the agressions world throws at us.


Mine is my living room couch even in  good days if  go to bed whthout spending half an hour there ill have a hard time trying to sleep its the, for me only way to calm down at the end of the day laying there in the dark watching tv or listening classical music.


Where’s yours???


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I Hate Being Alone

December 1st, 2015by GerbzBaby

I hate it. I hate it so much. Being with my friends (when I’m treated fairly) helps me so much. I just want to be with them all forever. It’s comforting and it distracts me. When I’m at home I’m alone, they don’t text me and I look at my phone and beg for them to. The only time my friends really reply is when I’m with them and my depression keeps me from most of that happiness..

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I Feel Better Being Nothing

December 1st, 2015by wolfanasan

I feel less suicidal, being nothing.

I am not a student, not an employee, not a daughter, not part of society. Not glum, not unattractive, not any other adjective.

I feel better when I am not obliged to fake emotions. I dont mind being alone anymore. Can I just float through the days, just for awhile?

Can I stop identifying myself as my experiences? Can I stop feeling ashamed for having not accomplished anything? Can I stop identifying as a human, and just wander through Time as nothing, just for a little while?



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November 30th, 2015by abisslover25

The only thing keeping me here is I really want to find myself again and see if I am any happier. So here is a really long vent.


6 years ago I was a teenager. I drove drag cars, I worked 2 jobs, I spent my days off working on my street car, I was a huge canabis smoker. I had a place to live and a room mate, and when I threw a party people came from miles around to be there. I would leave and catch a plane and go places on a whim because I wanted to get away. I was losing weight …

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November 29th, 2015by lugubriousliv

I understand that many people have it worse, but I feel hopeless. I’m young, too young for my experiences, but on the cusp of adulthood. I’m supposed to be planning for my future, but all I can plan for is a way to make it through the day.

My mother is bipolar, my father is dead, my sister is severely OCD, my half-sister is a manic-depressive bipolar manic paranoid hallucinogenic schizophrenic alcoholic with severe and violent anger problems. Her two children, as well as all the others listed, live in the same household as me.

Of course with all of these illnesses in bound to have some …

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Hard to be Thankful

November 27th, 2015by JustReallySad

So yesterday was Thanksgiving here in the U.S.  This last year (really the last 2 years) have been really bad for me, so I’m having a hard time feeling thankful/grateful about anything.  Does anyone else on this site feel the same way?  Also, how do any of you find things to be grateful for?  I appreciate any and all suggestions.

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Gotta Get Better

November 27th, 2015by Audreyparker

Hey guys, I haven’t been on here in a little bit and I think it would be best for me if I leave.. I feel this place is a good release but the surrounding negativity doesn’t help me. My mom is getting really on my case because I’ve been cutting again and other problems in life are arising and I think I should try to do better. I wish all of you luck, truly, and if you ever want to talk just ask for my email on this post, ill try to check it for awhile. Do better in this life than I have.

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Down and out, in need of some help

November 24th, 2015by kittykat6

Down and out, in need of some help

I’m brand new to this site, but I figured someone would be able to give me some advice. I don’t know what to do. I feel helpless and hopeless to this depression, this feeling. I’ve had depression for years, it feels like most of my life. It gets better, it gets worse. But recently my […]


Don’t know what to do

November 21st, 2015by Namjoon64

Recently I’ve been thinking about taking my own life. I just feel that I have no place in it and that doesn’t upset me at all, I’ve actually fully accepted this fate because I believe not everyone is cut out for living till the adult years. I’ve thought about suicide a few times in the past but now they’re so strong I don’t really have much control. I always had a feeling something was wrong with me since I was younger.
When I was a toddler my father was in and out of jail, he was alcoholic and was very violent. He would …


I’m tired – I don’t mean I want to go to sleep, I mean I’m tired of life. I’m bored – I don’t mean that I’m bored of what we are doing right now, I mean I’m bored of everything and everyone in my life. I want to leave – I don’t mean I want […]


It seems longer …

November 19th, 2015by Dawg

For those of you who don’t know me – Hi, I’m dawg. As I do from time to time I pop in and out of the SP world – for no particular reason other than I try to keep up with the many many great people who I’ve met with here in the SP world … again, for those of you who don’t know me, I’m old … much older than most who participate here – I point this out because I have a hard time remembering all the names, so I’m not going to list the multitude of names I’ve met here – but …


is it okay to be myself if I promise not to hurt anyone?

November 19th, 2015by violentdreams

I don’t know why I’m like this or how I’m supposed to make sense of it. I’ve (guiltily) had sadistic fantasies since I was a child. My best dreams are the ones where I’m being chased or tortured or killed. When I’m out in public I’m often either anxious and self-conscious or casually nursing violent thoughts towards others. I was on a plane last night wishing that it would crash and kill everyone on board.

But I’m not going to hurt anyone, not unless they consent to it. So there’s nothing wrong with being like this, right? Is it okay if I quietly enjoy my sadomasochistic tendencies to …


A lost Aspie

November 18th, 2015by pitterftally

I have Aspergers syndrome.

I am a girl. Its not that visible. I am supposed to be very high functioning. The more I realize my struggles and my differences in contrast to other people.

I am pretty much down.

I just cant navigate through relationships. I cant let go of people. I still love somebody whom I loved five years ago, who moved, who I dont see anymore…etc. I make people mad. I make fuss of things that arent important. For normal people. I have just ruined another relationship of mine, because I was too pushy, too needy. I just dont seem to do anything right. Even weird …



November 17th, 2015by Trix

Hi everyone. 🙂

The short version of this is I might not be on SP as much in the future. The longer version is just a vent about everything that’s been going on lately.

It seems surreal to me that only a couple of months ago I was texting a friend to say I thought I was starting to recover from depression. I’ve said it twice in the last five to six years. Things started to get worse again this time when my ME/CFS got worse. That seems to be improving now, although it’s been up and down lately, but the depression is still going downhill.

I cut …


I have lived, should I die?

November 14th, 2015by GMO

I’m 44, 3 kids, married twice, traveled, enjoyed and been very fulfilled. Despite being pretty poor I’ve done/had everything I’ve wanted cos I’ve made it happen.

5 years ago I got into a relationship with someone and after two years of long distance I moved in with her.

A week after I moved in, I broke up a fight behind her flat and sustained a fractured upper jaw (Le Fort II fracture) and the operation on my face resulted in Trigeminal Neuralgia. The most painful thing I can imagine. It’s known as the Suicide Disease because many people take their lives because it’s so bad.

I’ve seen doctors …



November 14th, 2015by serenityseeker

What Do I Say Now? PART I

I don’t really know how to go about saying what I need to say to all of the people that I need to say something to. Honestly, how do you say that your sorry for killing yourself to all of those that you love and care about; when it was a truly selfish and self-centered thing to do, but it really was what you wanted at that moment and that you are still somewhat bitter about the fact that it was fucked with and you failed at because someone decided they knew what was in your best interest better …


I think I’m going to do it

November 14th, 2015by tandb

There are only a handful of things keeping me from doing it, and they’re all people. My wife, whom I don’t want to leave to pick up my shit. My little brother, who will be so confused. My parents, who will be ravaged. My employees, who will not understand.

But the reasons not to are starting to be outweighed by the feeling that I need to do it.

I feel like the moments where I think about doing it are the only moments of clarity in my life and that everything else is fake.

I think that the fact that I don’t want to do it, but feel …


I just don’t know anymore

November 12th, 2015by deep002

I don’t know what the hell I’m doing anymore. Almost feels like I am just wasting life away. I have no idea what I want to do in life. I thought I had it figured out in high school, but when I realized I wasn’t able to afford university, I felt depressed. The reason I got good grades in school was to get into university; now I had to settle with community college. And if I was going to community college, what was the point of getting good grades? What’s the point of straight A’s if you go to community college? They don’t care. When …