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Life and questions

by jeff24353

im 16 my name is jeff, i am depressed and dont know why, my mom and dad got a divorce when i was 5 and i live with my mom, i am a christian, i hav a fairly good relationship with both of my parents, i’m actually not a bad looking kid, but i havent had a girlfriend in like 3 yrs, i feel very along bc ppl say they are there for me, the they arent. but speaking of girls, there is this one, and i dont know about you other guys (PLEASE TELL ME IF YA’LL DO THIS) but every time you think or see the girl you are in love with, but cant hav, you feel like giving up and slitting your throat (btw, i dont cut or ne thing like that), i play a lot of music (drums and guitar) i hav one truly good friend, and a lot of family that lives right by me, but they are to busy for me. I put this fake face on for people im around, you will see the true me at about 2 am. the girl i love with my whole heart (she gorgeous but doesnt know i like her) is a REALLY  christian girl nd im more of a rocker, and i dont think her parents would approve (plz dont bash christianity or the way her parents do things, i respect and understand how they do things and if i were the parents i would do the same for a girl like rebecca.) and another thing me and rebecca (the girl) were born on the same day, but i dont know how to tell her that i like her bc they believe in courting, and im not good with that type of thing….plz help me, i hav so many questions you can email me directly at theaviationband@yahoo.com

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whyamistillalive 7/16/2011 - 1:23 am

I do that

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