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Silly Teenage Love

by Rain

Ive tried to tell myself that it was just a phase, for the fact that it is common for a teenager of the female gender to develop feelings, or in my case, fall in love, with their male best friend. And since I run every feeling and thought underneath a “Logic” magnifying glass, I’ve been able to coax myself into believing that when I fell in love with my best friend at the age of 15 it was because of the fact that we had known each other for so long before we were teens, that the reason that he was my first kiss is given credit to the standard rising of a teenagers hormones.
But I’m 18 now and my first love has, for two years now, been wooed by some other gorgeous girl but, I, the tomboy he was in love with still holds his heart with no intentions of letting go. When our paths cross, and they do cross often, he stares at me still,  and now i’m a girly woman, that wears makeup and dresses…but he stares at me like he did the night of our first kiss when i was wearing basketball shorts and a wifebeater. His girlfriend sneers at me from behind him, for she knows she is the brick wall between us. We both catch him staring at me when I go to refill my drink at our McDonalds..where she works and WE used to hang out..She knows that I was the reason he was late to her house..but she doesnt know that we meandered down to the pond and sat side by side in the grass beneath the silver moonlight and he told me he missed me. I think about him constantly, every day since we fell in love at 15, 3 short years ago. Is this just some silly teenage love? When will it pass? It HAUNTS me…and I dont think i can take it any longer.


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darkwillow 7/12/2012 - 5:32 am

You love who you love. Sometimes you just need to follow your heart

kindalostkid 7/12/2012 - 7:19 am

I’m 19 yr old guy I love a girl I dated she’s 21 age didn’t matter to us. If u think that ull have a chance with him again hold onto him that’s all I can say. I fell in love with this girl and I’ll never be able to be with her. It broke my heart knowing I can’t be with the girl I love. But ull figure it out like @darkwillow said follow ur heart =)

Me myself and time 7/12/2012 - 7:36 am

@kindalostkid.. Am I think your the one I was texting yesterday.. 😛 just to let you know my phone isn’t receiving or sending anything.. 🙁

Yoda 7/12/2012 - 11:32 am

I don’t think it’s silly. I don’t think anything that involves someones emotions is ever silly.

Maybe you will get together with him, I don’t know. But, if not, I’m sure you will get over it and one day meet someone else who you like equally as much, if not more.

I know a few people who are still with their childhood sweethearts, but for most people their first love is not the one who they go on to spend their lives with.

Rain Alicia 7/12/2012 - 2:53 pm

You guys are helpful..i was really beginning to think that this whole thing was stupid..and that i should just learn to let him go…Thank you all <3

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