kinda makes me wanna puke rainbows.

February 28th, 2013by I.cant.breathe!

spiral, a downward spiral. those two words: my life. I was going to kill my self, jump off a tower SURPRISE! i pass out and wake up to find out I have cancer (however the hell that works) then I find out that…SURPRISE! the cancer is spreading. (although I have to admit sstarving the cancer has worked a lot so thanks to those who suggessted that) I went back to school and duh, stupid me! I seriously thought they’d leave me alone since I had cancer, maybbe they’d show some sympathy instesd of hate….hell no. Surprise! i have so much anger toward the world inside of me that I am now suspended from school because a bunch of bitches decided to say a few thiings do a few things, resulting in me making them bleed like they got cut up with a knife…(courtesy of my razor sharp nails) so ummm, yeah. spiral spiral spiral…oh and i’ve also begun to wan to kill myself even more lately. isn’t life beautiful, all the blood, gore, hate, darkness. makes me wanna puke rainbows. -_- nah, i’d rather kill a unicorn.

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