Maybe someone will understand

March 8th, 2013by Stucke112

since i can remember i have never been happy. i have amazing parents. my father is a state bridge inspector and my mother is a high school history teacher. my dad is older, from an older time and can be a real hardass sometimes, i know he always means well. my mom on the other hand is my hero, the best person i have ever known hands down. i couldnt count the number of people i have met through out the years that have told me, most of the time random people, that have told me that my mom has changed their lives. i have been blessed with so much more than i deserve, which is what makes every day that much harder. But on to my story. i’m 22 years old. i recently had my heart torn out by my girlfriend and the absolute love of my life for 3+ years. when i say recent;y i mean at the time of typing this it has been 6 months since. she had a new boyfriend right away, a guy who i thought i could trust. it has been the most difficult situation i have ever been made to handle…most people tell me i’m young…get over it…they’ll never understand and i just pray someone will…some more backround….i’m not the typical superficial guy. i don’t look for girls at bars or at parties…i want a real personal connection…it takes me forever to warm up to someone enough to put myself out there…i really in all respects am one of the best guys i know and everyday i see complete tools end up with real sweet and caring young women..ill never get it….but back to the present….i have not been the same since she left. i know it seems extreme but i had honesty without a doubt thought i met the woman i would spend forever with…and even still 6 months later i love her more every day….i’m 22 years old…ive met people since..ive been in therapy and done my best with meeting people and moving on…but i cant explain it…when you lose your soul mate, it is an unimaginable pain that i wouldn’t wish on my worst enemies…i could write a novel to eplain how i feel about this girl but it would all be waste…ive been close if it weren’t for the lucky timing of a roomate…i really believe that an eternal sleep will finally give me the peace i so want…i may not make it…but hopefully all of you reading this do…and i hope all of you remember to use your pleas and thank yous….never take a smile for granted….ill always cherish the fact i got to meet my soul mate…most people never get the chance…someone else deserves the opportunities ive been given. i’m just happy to finally get it out. thank you all.

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