Death Demon

December 1st, 2013by VictoriaDrew13

She’s mearly 16.

Still fragile and afraid.

She hasn’t actually been in

the real world since 8th grade.

She’s fine

or so she says.

She’s calm for all we know,

but when the darkness goes

away, and she starts to show,

you realize, she’s living with the demon

that’s inside all of us.

She’s too afraid to show it.

Honestly, she barely even knows.

She always try to smile,

and even tries to pose.

But when someone so young,

is just sad as can be,

there’s no one who can really stop her.

Accept the enemy.

She’ll cry one last time,

and kiss her mom goodbye.

She’ll say she’s very sorry,

but it’s her time to go.

She’ll lay down with a blade,

and just cut away.

It was too late for her, but too

early for the next.

When the death demons on your

back and it’s time for your faithful test

remember her story,

and the impact she made.

Death is forever, but don’t be afraid.

With great friends and some help,

you’ll soon be okay.

Just take a walk,

and live to see another day.

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