Late night thoughts

March 23rd, 2014by anonymous.

I was told once, before we’re born we choose to come into this life. Told the possibilities of life are endless, you can do anything you put your mind to. Why is it that life contradicts that very statement. From a young age were forced to see the realities of what this life really is. A place where judgement of others is more important than judgement of one’s self. Where the rich strive and prosper and the poor struggle. Where the only peace you can find is in the bottom of a bottle. Or with a complete stranger, it seems the closest to you have the biggest swords waiting for you to turn your back. This scene we call life is a figment of our imagination where the worst seems to always find you and only you. You look for a way out and it leads you to another dark alley. You pray for a better day but it keeps on raining. Recently life has made me question whether we truly even had a say to begin with. We live then we die, so what is everything else inbetween? I’m young and I couldn’t bare to tell you what I’ve seen and done, yet I’m suppose to live like this until the tide turns? What’s a brighter tomorrow when your sky is filled with sorrow? What’s finding yourself when you can’t stand to look at it in the mirror? I’ve come to the conclusion life is simply that, a word. How we live on the other hand, defines us completely. You always have a choice, remember that!

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