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I’m sorry

by EmptyGlass

I can’t handle it anymore. I can’t handle the constant stress, the overwhelming feelings of depression and anxiety, the unbelievable sense of failure. My friends and family don’t listen to or believe my cries for help. Help. Something that seems reassuring, something that seems within my grasp, yet I know I’ll never get it. I’ll always struggle, always be a burden. I’m sorry I give people grief and sadness when they see me, I’m sorry I can’t be perfect, I’m sorry I rant out my problems to people who already have enough of their own. I’m sorry I’m alive…

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tryingtohope 4/30/2016 - 5:30 pm

Empty: I feel for you. I’m feeling like a burden too. I feel no one wants to listen to me. It’s hard. It hurts. I want it to end too. All we can do is be there for each other. Those of us who have found this website get it. We all feel pain and alone and not understood. Maybe being heard can help us all to hang on. Maybe we can try to hope that it will get better.

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