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The last one

by mo992

Why has it gotten to this point? I have waited so long but the last one is broken.

The last one has spoken words to me that verify my twisted thoughts.

My presence causes pain and suffering. It has caused this one even more than it has myself.

Why has it gotten to this point?

Is it my fault? I believe it is, but the voice within says it could be my doing and that of my existence as well.

I wish I could bring good news, I truly do, but I hold only sorrow.

Perhaps one day there will be good news.

I have not hoped for this to occur but it can’t be help. What can I do to change this? Nothing? Really?

One day, I say to myself, one day it will all be over.

One day I shall close my eyes in death and it will all be over.

I shall shut my eyes and I shall feed the earth.

Flowers and trees shall grow from my ashes.

That day, I shall finally be doing good to the earth.

This I promise you.

Do not worry for me but know this, in you I see hope and much more to give to the world.

Carry on, life may not be fair but you can survive. You have definitely survived this much


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