The Solipsist

  July 21st, 2018 by WanderingDreamer91


Here’s a poem I made on Facebook on June 1st, when I really needed to vent. :p
(It’s a bit dark and sadomasochistic, instead of just plain masochistic, I hope that’s okay…)

Not that anyone cares, most people just ghost me…

People usually ignore me or hate me, I’m not sure if anyone is at fault when people leave me or don’t want to talk to me and I’m not sure if I should even care…

I just want to be myself… people are too different from me…

I might make a full post about myself later, but right now I’m kind of lazy. :p

Anyways, here’s the post. Enjoy. <3

(June 1, 2018 (Friday) (26))

Topic: The Solipsist
(Poem by me)

I’m pure evil in reality, yet pure good in the imaginary.
Death is the only freedom I know,
The more I suffer, the more my hatred grows and grows.
Everything I do is to make myself feel free,
In the end, I just want to be me.

Life often doesn’t even seem real,
What does it take just to be able to feel?
When the world ends and burns to the ground,
I’ll be happy knowing there’s no more deafening sounds.

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