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Doesn’t give a fuck

My God sees me not My tears fall unchecked My screams go unheard Why am I damned? Why am I unforgiven? Why my god why?


The Nothing Man

Sleeps sweet release Sleeps sweet embrace Is death better? Will I dream in death? Can I be and do things unimaginable Can I be a man? Can I stop being the Nowhere man doing nothing for nobody? I will leap into the blackness It will take me It knows that I belong I don’t belong […]


My Road


A snippet

April 18th, 2017by Bluedreams

I feel the need to write here, because i’m back. back in this place I foolishly thought I could escape. I thought I could stop myself from drowning in my own head, but I can’t. I guess you could say this drop back into the abyss started with the first time I ever felt like this, but that’s another story for another time.

I feel this deep sorrow within myself, it always comes back. I find myself staring out the window at dawn, the soft pitter-patter of rain hitting the ground, the roof, and the trees. I find myself looking at the sky, which has a …



April 16th, 2017by noisefloor

The future isn’t some far off thing . Its right fucking now! And I could be waiting for things to get better and hoping for a better future for days, years, or months. Its a bunch of bullshit and everyone dies it doesn’t matter when you die as long as you do. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be in control of your death but also I get to die when I WANT to die. Because its MY life not my moms or my sisters or my grandparents or my friends life its MINE! and the only reason people want suicidal people to stay …



April 16th, 2017by fighting_alone94

I hate the holidays I’m like the next Scrooge no matter the holiday I always feel blue. Families gather and go hunting for eggs while I am alone sitting here in my bed. The hate that I build around this time of year is such an indescribable undesirable fear. I can’t stand the holidays I’m miserable you see. Because when this time comes around the only one here is me.



April 16th, 2017by noisefloor

they don’t hide under your bed.

they walk the streets with you.

they sleep under the same roof as you.

they live in your head.

and the ones who don’t believe in them

are the monsters.


I dream of death

April 14th, 2017by Broken_Masterpiece

I dream of death
Of it’s sweet release
Of that final breath
That will bring me peace

This pain inside
Has broken me
Ripped open wide
Yet none can see

I long for love
Maybe just a hug
I long for love
But not even a hug

I want to cry
Someone see me please
No matter how I try
The nightmare will increase

I dream of blood
Where knife will meet
And in that flood
My sorrow outwards bleed

Empty darkness
Envelop me
Make me feel less
And rescue me


Fucked Over by Public Schools

April 13th, 2017by kloudkat

I’m eighteen, I’m a senior in high school, and I’ve attended four different high schools, one for each year essentially. I’ve suffered from depression since I was eleven (due to childhood abuse), and during the beginning of my sophomore year, I suffered from my first severe flash back starting my downward spiral of PTSD and Major Depressive Disorder. During the fourteenth week of school that year, I was admitted into a private mental health facility for inpatient treatment. I was there for eight days, and right afterwards, I attended iOP which is intensive outpatient; it lasted for six weeks. So I was gone from school …


Depression cycle

April 12th, 2017by GrayXX

When people say it gets better I believe that to be a lie. I have been dealing with depression for most of my life and just when you get better shit comes up and drags me back the the darkness of my mind and chains me back up until I can get free then drags me back into a endless cycle. From my experience it is always a endless cycle of in and out of depression. And I’m sick and tired of fighting, I’m sick and tired of people telling me that it’s going to get better because for most of my life when it …


I was doing so well.

April 8th, 2017by 96530

I was doing so well. I was enjoying life more than I could have imagined for the last few months. I have great career prospects, excellent friends and a marvellous family but there’s that one thing missing, that one thing which will always be missing.


Sweet Nothings

April 8th, 2017by EyeOfHorus

The devil popped around today selling potions that’d help me forget you, Green Eyes. He said that they’d take away the memories but I think of you more than ever. I swear you were right here next to me, even moments ago. Where have you gone, my angel? You always leave so soon. Everytime I remember your face more vividly than I did the time before. Is it you I’m even swooning for? Is it even you whispering sweet nothings in my ear? Or have truly lost it…


I lost My eyes

April 3rd, 2017by Eddie.R

My eyes allowed me to see were I was heading. Without them I would fall into deep, cold holes but then my eyes showed me a path. I followed this path with dreams to keep going to see where it would take me. Yet something tragic has happened, implosive my eyes. I cant see where I’m going in life, and that means I cant see the bright side. I cant see what path is in front me. I cant see where I’m gonna be. I can see if there is even anything for me to keep going for. I cant see the bright side to …


I woke up today……..

April 2nd, 2017by Foxglove7

I see that it’s Spring and sunny. The wet earth is starting to smell nice. Flowers are starting to scent the air, little by slowly. It’s a new year in truth, and I look forward to it. And in the moments between one ray of sunshine and another, when the sun dims and the air cools briefly, I will probably be thinking of the coolness of a dark crevice of the kind an old tired animal might lie down in to return to the earth at last. At sunset the world will glow with beauty and passion and by nine or ten in the evening …


view from a cliff

March 31st, 2017by Moon gazer

Gazing from a forgotten cliff, down a old city. Seeing stars in the sky, each one representing many worlds, many possibilities. Looking down at the city lights, each representing a person, many stories and infinite possibilities. Looking up at sea of stars, looking down at an ocean of lights, feeling like I will drown in either, wondering if floating is it any better. Maybe I should just decide whether I should drown in a sea, or a ocean. Until I decide I should just keep floating .

Moon Gazer

sorry its not even a poem I just wrote it while I was looking down from a mountain


rain and tears

March 27th, 2017by Moon gazer

I always felt, like emotions are like standing in the rain naked. No matter how light, or heavy it rains, you can always feel it, with your entire being. Yet I have always felt, like I am in a glass cage, hearing, seeing, and smelling the rain, but never feeling it touch me. Wondering if i am the same, only missing one part, but such a crucial part. Refusing to break my cage, because maybe its my only shelter, maybe i would dissolve in the rain. Refusing to accept it, maybe it traps my spirit, from the waters that would nurture it. Helpless against myself, …


That ‘Special Place’…

March 26th, 2017by Forest.of.Lonely.Trees

This is in part for all you forest lovers here at SP (looking at you Waldschläfer!) and also to ask you guys if you have a ‘special place’ and if so, what’s it like and why do you go there specifically?

These are a few photos of one place I spend a lot of time getting away from it all. I took these in the winter and even then it’s a beautiful little spot to go unwind. My novice attempts at photography don’t do it justice, so you’ll just have to trust me, it’s real nice, even in its dankest state……


Suicide Note

March 23rd, 2017by Music Is My Escape

Dear mother,
I know you tried just to hide your secret hatred for me,
But I guess you shouldn’t have bothered ’cause you knew that I was gonna go anyway.

Dear father,
I’m sorry that I was never what you ever wanted,
But I guess you won’t even bother, ’cause at least I’ll never disappoint you again.

Hey there, long lost friend,
Do you finally want to see me again, now that I am long, long, gone?
Don’t you dare apologize for all those things that you didn’t do,
’cause every conflict that we had was for me to take the blame, and it’s always been my fault that I threw it all on …


just felt like posting to deal with my emotions sorry if its bad

March 18th, 2017by Moon gazer

Chasing after the moon.

Under a cloudless sky.

The stars suppressing my sense of self.

Forgetting my demons.

Forgetting my scars.

Trying to grasp the moon.

Hoping to steal the secret to its peace.

Content to rise and fall.

To always shine just for itself.

My cries fall into oblivion.

My hands always failing to reach it.

Still chasing after it.

Awaking from my dream.

The moon still in the sky.

Still away from my reach…


by moon gazer


Day of the thorn, For the rose now despises me…

March 10th, 2017by CARLOSPEJUAN

I worked
countless hours
I ran,
distances many men are incapable of doing
I did things that while moral and proper left me exhausted
i, I never, ever have worked so hard in my life
I ran things, boss like. To no avail for I failed a lot
I did things hoping that one day I could see you again and hoping
that I co uld be there for you and hoping that I could be that person,
That you  looked up to, that person you could look forward to being
the reason why I stayed around
the reason why I worked so hard
the reason why I never gave up (offered myself), the reason why I …