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October 2nd, 2017by Thoreau

till I’m right on the edge

I take a look at the bottom

And I know it will hurt hitting ground

But I don’t think that I’d mind the falling.

Would anyone know?

Is there anyone watching?

I’m getting crazy ideas in my head

and I don’t think I’m able to stop them.

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September 25th, 2017by breaking_the_cycle

My necrotic carotid

Fills this head with exotic

Dreams of when I bought it

Suicidal tendencies methodic-ly


Not haughty

I’m not breathless

I just breathe less

No delusions of grandeur

But illusions of a grand doer

Fighting force majeure

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The War

September 25th, 2017by breaking_the_cycle

On the edge of the battlefield

My mind falters

The asperity of self hatred

Bearing down on me

You knew this day would come

A time to pay for what you’ve done

Hopes crushed, dreams lost

In the stain on my hands

My cold pale heart

Buried next to you

The walls of this prison

Built with pain and sorrow

The fantasy revoked

Like my lease on life

It’s time to return

To where I belong

To the darkness that consumes

The emptiness that beckons

The pain that eases

My attempts at life

A joke in their own right

So douse this flame

With the strands of infinity

Hang me out to dry

Soaking in regret

The taste of failure

Fresh on my lips

A web of confusion

Clouding my thoughts

Nothingness closes in

This …

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September 24th, 2017by snader

Moving on, as a concept, is easy. It is automatically breathing and taking one step and another, it is walking forward with a hint of history in the back of your eyes and a gleam of hope in front of them. It is doing what people tell you is ‘best, is most normal for people in your situation’ as if they have any idea what that situation is and as if they know what is best for you. But nonetheless, moving on, as a concept, is easy. It requires no effort, it is what we do, what we do, what we do.
Yet in reality …

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fuxk the i am from poems

September 22nd, 2017by deadgrave

my teacher the other week made me write an i am from poem.. i hated it, but now i feel like i can write a real one, who reflects who i actually am

i am from everlasting irrational fears about the most unrealistic situations

i am from sleepless nights thinking about the unanswerable questions and feeling scared to dream

i am from a good home, yet i still have problems,

which is something my foster sister will never understand

i am from being made fun of because of my race,

something that i had no control over

i am from jumbled thoughts that never seem to cease

i am from rainy days that are …

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September 22nd, 2017by Eccedentesiastsoul

“Wanting to die, is a sin”

Our English teacher read that line. I was in shock. I could hear people whispering and laughing. No one seemed to care. How could she say that? How could the author of the book write about that? How do they want people to admit that they have been wanting to die when they are being taught that it is a sin? Telling us that, would only make us wish we were dead already. We have already got the sin, haven’t we? Why wait around and collect more sins by thinking the way we do?  Wanting to die isn’t a choice, …

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September 22nd, 2017by Eccedentesiastsoul

Ever since school started I haven’t been posting since I barley have time to breathe. I visited the hospital about 2 weeks ago since the headaches and chest pain proceed. The doctor gave me pills for a week and immediately checked my oxygen level thinking it had something to do with my asthma. After we left the hospital my parents gave me shit not only because the doctor said it was nothing but also because I forgot my identity card at home. I’m starting to forget things for some reason and I want it to stop. If I keep on forgetting things I won’t be …

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Hello Halcion

September 22nd, 2017by The Distress

Halcion, you’re my friend.
But Halcion, where have you been?
When I slept with you there was no option to wake.
As if a dreamful slate of life appeared just for the take.
And it was beyond great to never arise.
From a slumber which no words could surmise.
I can do whatever I want in my dreams.
Beyond my wildest fantasies so it seems.
Yet when I dream all day and night to never face reality.
I might as well shut my life down, mark me as another casualty.
But like I’ve always stated, I’m too afraid to jump.
I’ll stand there, slowly emotions pouring into what is now a sump.
So one thing is certain …

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September 14th, 2017by breaking_the_cycle

Nipping at your heels

The nothing that steals

Seething, breathing

I can’t stand this feeling

Manifesting itself, in the hidden shelf

Of your mind

The hellscape in yourself, that you find

Real or not

It’s coming

Ready or fraught

Never whole again

Time stands still

The nothing that you feel

It’s like you’ve been here before

The blackness within

Fruitless battles rival, original sin

It’s so deeply ingrained

You can’t wash away the stain

It feels like you’ve slipped away

You know you’ll never sleep again

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coloured and erased

September 7th, 2017by iamdarling

mental illness has coloured my personality – it’s almost like i don’t know who i truly am…

i know i would be different if my illnesses faded away, or were just erased… but how different?

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Right now, I wanna be not alright

August 28th, 2017by Ronin no seppuku

Let me just give up, Let me just let go,

If this isn’t good for me, well I don’t wanna know.

Let me just stop trying, let me just stop fighting,

I don’t want your good advice or reasons why I’m alright…

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I’m sorry this is fucking cheesy

August 27th, 2017by iwouldrathernot


I dunno guys, I mean if anyone is even fucking reading this that is, but I’m used to being ignored so it’s okay if no one is. But okay so I was saying: I dunno, this is how I feel about this stuff.

I mean everyone on this website is here for a reason, we all have a certain tendency or perhaps curiosity, we’re all at different stages, but whenever I see people actually planning things for real I get so sad. I get sad because I really believe everyone is beautiful and interesting and has had an …

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August 26th, 2017by Ronin no seppuku

This may be goodbye

I may remain for some time

I leave on my terms

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Almost Done

August 25th, 2017by Almond801

I’ve been writing my goodbyes for a long time. They’ve never been quite right. They start out with gratitude and subtle apology but I get lost after that. I don’t feel grateful or sorrowful. I don’t feel much beyond the negative spectrums anymore. I’ll get brief bursts, like sun bursts through the clouds, but they are gone often while still happening. I have lived for myself but it was empty. I have lived for others and repeatedly failed in it. I have lived in transition while searching for solutions and believing that there must be another way.

Day after day it gets harder to breathe. I …

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Fighting for air While the demons press on

August 23rd, 2017by ibelieveinunicorns

I feel like I’m stuck in this odd living limbo
Being torn between the desire to live and watch you grow
Or die and help you heal
My love for you three is pure
But my brain spoils it for you
It’s sick and decaying
Trapping me inside it as it try’s to drag me down into the pits of hell
My love is light and full of hope that flutters me to the surface of the darkness
Every harsh word and cold exchange tears a piece of the good in you away
I see the pain rise up to your faces when the darkness slips passed my lips
My heart winces in reaction to

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They are back.

August 23rd, 2017by Eccedentesiastsoul

Lately I’ve ben having these migraines that take everything that’s in me to stand. It’s not new, I used to have them daily until they somehow, the same pain transferred to my stomach. I got it checked out by a doctor long back and he gave me pills and said I was fine to go. Now the pain is back and it’s stronger than ever. I’m not being over dramatic or anything but it hurts to the point where I actually think there’s something wrong with me. Before I got back to my country I got a strong one and I literally cried myself to …

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Back home.

August 21st, 2017by Eccedentesiastsoul

Things are back to getting worse. I don’t know if I can proceed anymore, go threw all the upcoming months, get a year older, it’s just too much. I still have to finish high school and I don’t know how to feel about that. I want to escape. Get as far away as I can from this country but in order to do so I’ll have to get a scholarship and because of my background I don’t think I’ll be able to get one. Even if I do get one, I won’t be accepted for who I am, or at least I don’t think I …

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August 19th, 2017by Eccedentesiastsoul

I don’t know what to do anymore. It’s like there is more than one soul in me. I have to make a choice, either be too kind and suffer the consequences or be heartless and later come crashing down. I could also just stay the way I am right now but the thing is I don’t feel fine. I could never stay like this. Ignoring the way I feel is killing me. I’m just tired and sick of this life. I feel so selfish, I have everything I need to be able to survive yet I’m still depressed. I just can’t go back. Summer is …

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I am a disappointment

August 18th, 2017by haterlivet

One thing i´ve always thought of is that it´s so scary when someone mentally ill and suicidal (me) falls in love. We start feeling whole again. Like we´ve got a purpose, a reason to be here and a reason to start and try.

But one thing that really scares me and hurts me inside to think of  is that; what happens when the person who´s saved me leaves? What happens when the person takes away all the hope and love and beauty and rip out all the stitches they used to put in their partner together again and the broken soul is left worse than they …

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Suicide without hurting others

August 18th, 2017by haterlivet

I want to end my life, But i want to end it in a way that doesnt hurt the people around me. I’ve come to learn that this life really aint for me, i tried for so many years to stay strong and fight the pain Im feeling, But its absolutely impossible and Nobody really understands the mental illness Im going through. I dont really like to talk about my depression to a lot of people, Cause they think that Im calling for attention or that its no big of a deal. But i really wish They knew What Im going through

My biggest problem is …

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