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His Name Is Robert

June 7th, 2017by Addiictivetragedy

His name is Robert , I was only 8 years old  sitting all alone on the couch. I remember his white T-shirt, all by myself in a crowed house. He hid in the kitchen  to hide from the suspicion. He took my innocence, he was very quick. It only took a minute, this monster was sick. Like a broken record it repeats in my mind. 15 years pass and I’m still not fine.

They say your body is your temple but I was vandalized.  This Innocent little girl on the couch was now traumatized.

He wasn’t the first to hurt me, and wasn’t the last, this little …

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June 6th, 2017by My life is over

I’m gonna do it from me to humanity hold on and don’t give up stay strong.



It will be rope this time

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Poetry, Violence, and the Trembling Lambs or Independence Day Manifesto (Allen Ginsberg, Deliberate Prose, selected essays 1952-1995, Part 1)

June 3rd, 2017by nobody

  I have my doubts that anyone will even read this in its entirety. But I thank you if you do. I’m posting an essay by Allen Ginsberg, a poet from the beat generation. If you’d like, skip ahead and read it. If you’d like to read a little background about me and my history, read on. I sincerely hope at least someone bothers to give this a read. Allen Ginsberg is my personal hero. I happened upon his works when I was 19. Depressed, suicidal, half insane from isolation and mental trauma, I would spend my …

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Things that hit home…

May 31st, 2017by Niko

The belief that you

are not good enough

will force you

to entertain things

that are not worthy

of your time

the belief that you

are not good enough

will force you

to remain in an environment

that will destroy your ability

to thrive in any relationship

you attempt to create

the belief that you

are not good enough

will force you into situations

thay will cause you

to compromise your standards

the belief that you

are not good

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so many

May 31st, 2017by babypanda

I don’t want to be suicidal. I don’t want to feel as though the only way to make things better for everyone is through my absence. But that’s always where I seem to end up.

Too many feelings all at once

I don’t know how to stop

Wish it would end

I don’t want to be here

It hurts to be alive

It hurts to hurt you

I’m tired of trying, of being, of

Why can’t I be normal??!?!??!!?!??!!?!??!?!?

What is my purpose

Why am I here

Jumbled thoughts running through my head

Just keep living

One more day

Make it to the next

I am calm

The storm has passed

More like locked away

But we don’t talk about that

I never talk …

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I’m alive

May 29th, 2017by GerbzBaby


It has been a very long time since I’ve posted here! I miss coming back here and talking with everyone. I hope this drawing makes up for my absence 🙂

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What Hurts The Most.

May 29th, 2017by kellinandrew

Many things can happen in life,

This I know.

But what do you do,

When the pain is to much to bare.

You hurt yourself,

And call It fair,

You tell yourself that it is your you fault,

That you should have cared.

Now it’s to late.

I didn’t think it would happen to me. At all. Why would it happen? That is what I don’t understand, he tries to help, and I know he cares. It hurt him too, but why? Why does it hurt? Why am I so upset? The baby, can I …

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Gloomy Sunday

May 25th, 2017by BlueDiamond

Maybe I should save some money to go to the Golden Bridge. Probably need 1500 dollars to get to California. Sucks that it’s across my where I live. Rumor has it that the Golden Bridge leads to another world, once you jump off it. It sounds like an easy death. I fantasize about the journey to get there.

So, found this interesting song. It’s believed to be cursed because people have kill themselves listening to it. Since we’ll all suicidal here, it won’t hurt us, and if you not suicidal then for the love of prime why are you on this site!? Go to happy sunshine …

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May 25th, 2017by pho3nixxx

I have never heard a word abused so badly. Thrown around until it has no meaning. Wouldn’t it be nice if, for a change, there were nothing to be sorry about?

Well the girl who cried wolf will be heeded no more. Far too many chances given. Disingenuous martyrdom and false remorse do not become her, but I guess I no longer know who she is, so perhaps, in fact, they do. 

Sorry’s biggest problem is that it is being spouted from a mouth that has lied to my face countless times. I do not believe a single word she says, let alone a …

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Why am i alive

May 25th, 2017by ImSayingGoodBye

Seriously… why the f am I here? I just don’t get myself.. everything planned is ready. The tools are placed. But I’m making excuses. Why? I keep telling myself “eventually it’s over, but stay a few months longer for the hell of it” I bought a computer for games. Considering I spend most of my time now.. hiding from sound. I had surgery to fix my ears.. didint work.. we’re going for another attempt/ approach in a month.. I don’t know why I’m trying to fix myself when I’m just going to suicide soon. I guess I’m just scared and I still wanna live in …

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May 24th, 2017by pho3nixxx

If I starve myself will you notice? You used to notice.

If I lie here crying will you understand the significance? I didn’t used to cry.

If I tell you how unhappy I am will you care? You used to care so much.

If I tell you how much I need you, will it make you feel anything at all? You used to need me more.

If I tell you I love you, can you even honestly say you love me too? It used to slip off the tongue without us noticing.

If I lie here all alone, will you sense my loneliness from where …

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Cemetery On The Hill

May 22nd, 2017by AJ

Walked out of class because I couldn’t stop crying the moment I arrived. What’s wrong with me ?

I went to the cemetery on the hill my favourite place to go. And I just lay on top of an above the ground grave. And I cried.

I cried until I was numb.
I cried until I was screaming.

Then I just lay there. In silence. The wind blowing on my skin and the sun beating down on me.

I couldn’t really feel it but I didnt care. Because this was the first time I had felt at peace in weeks.

I lay there limp and emotionless. Anyone walking past would’ve …

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What is reality?

May 19th, 2017by Alfred1688

As we try to survive in this world we live in

We seek out meaning for the life that was given

Some search for it their entire youth

Yet little find it or see the truth

Majority give up when all hope is lost

Others are consumed by the lies they came across

We all believe it gets better after it gets worse

But those words do not apply on this curse

Even if we tried to satisfy every need

There is no cure for one’s greed

It destroys us like a cancer

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Demon Road

Though we find ourselves alone in our pain and blackness we are many. Funny how demons push and guide us individually, but we are many. Alone in the dark we cry for deaths sweet release, but we are many. Hopeless am I here by myself, but we are many.  We are legion 



May 18th, 2017by nonserviam

i’m afraid of everything lately

i feel scared all the time

scared of falling apart, of breaking down in front of people that don’t know me like that

but i feel the need to fall apart too,

it drags me down, wears my bones and i get tired, tired, tired

i’m just so exhausted and whenever i say this,

no one seems to understand that i meant being tired of life

of everything.

i am so tired.

i feel so weak too, like i can collapse any given moment

and i feel it all the time

everyone keeps yelling at me

screaming about my grades, about my attitude, about my friends, about my habits

and whenever my lungs …


january 27 – 11:47PM

I always give too much To a friend or to a lover and i cant seem to understand why my giving is never equal to what i receive and i have never felt the kind of happiness i see in their eyes on mine when i am being returned the favor They seem happier than me and […]


wednesday – 9:10PM

May 17th, 2017by suicidalkitty

sometimes i wish

i stayed inside my mother,

never to come out.


I should go now, quietly
For my bones have found a place to lie down and sleep
Where all my layers can become reeds
All my limbs can become trees
All my children can become me
Oh, what a mess I leave


for the sake of others

May 17th, 2017by nonserviam

i can’t think

i can’t fucking get my brains to work like how i want them to work

i can’t think and it’s affecting the rest of my body

i am crumbling, shaking, breaking

my chest hurts because my heart tries its best to keep beating when i don’t want it to

my eyes feel heavy because i deny myself the sleep i really need

i’m tired

my limbs feel weary with every step i take

i try to drag myself towards a future people say i deserve,

but do i need that?

i don’t want a future at all

i just wish to go

and still i keep myself breathing

i keep myself alive and well

what do



May 15th, 2017by pho3nixxx

It’s so foggy today.
It reminds me of you.
It reminds me of how I can’t see through you no matter how hard I try, and how I have no control over this.
It reminds me of hidden secrets, of the constant threat of yet another lie hanging in the air, right there in front of my face, but I can’t see it clearly enough to identify it.
It reminds me of the way that I stare into the blindness, widening my eyes as if that willl help, and grasp the faintest outline of you, but just as I do, you disappear again, leaving me to wonder when I …


You Shall Sing — Or a Hymn for Spring

May 15th, 2017by us_1999

You shall sing,
For the ephemeral ones,
For those who’ve been singing voicelessly for long,
With their silence you shall echo your song;

With their silent chorus,
Of innumerable chirping and tweeting,
That enchant the soft spring air,
—You may as well sing like the spring;

For she roots deep in winter’s longing,
Warm sweet blood crackles and cracks the frail sterile earth,
Yet veins, tenderly hold it unbroken, undamaged,
Likewise shall your song journey through nature’s taciturnity.

(English is not my first language, forgive me if it looks bad)