A Struggle

March 31st, 2013by Silverstream

Here I am sitting in front of a computer screen, having tears run down my cheeks. I just need to let this all out. I was born abroad and faced tons of bullying when I came to where I am now. Started in 2nd grade and it never ended in elementary or middle school. I never made much friends until Middle School. I was in a clique, were weren’t close; it was simply to gain an advantage over each other for selfish purposes like getting good grades. I saw everyone in a race, in a race of being the best in academics. I was smart, …


March 31st, 2013by maxxie

Last night i tried to kill myself. I overdosed on my medications and i wish it killed me.


I dont want to die…but living isnt my forte

March 31st, 2013by blacksheep777

I just dont feel like being anywhere. It seems as though i dont share the same values as those who inhabit this patch of earth alongside me. I feel like im in a constant state of purgatory, neither here nor there. The only reason im on this site is i can express myself to those who might possibly relate, although im not so sure about that either. Im a blessed individual with a loving family and a lot of opportunities laid before me. Im mentally and physically blessed and i feel selfish for cursing my existence but i havent met anyone who gets me. Everyone …



March 31st, 2013by betterdead

I’m surprised that people responded to my post about wanting to die probably because I’m used to being ignored when I need help the most. That’s right – ignored. It’s called growing up with a depressed, emotionally distant mother who was too preoccupied with her own problems to give her baby girl the nurturing and love she needed. Sneer if you want. Whatever. I don’t give a fuck. I’ve spent years in therapy, group therapy, on medications, making crazy, fucked up choices that intellectually I could not defend or understand yet I acted on anyway. I finally, finally put it all together: not enough of …


A Shell of A Ghost Made of Flesh and Bone

March 31st, 2013by apollon

A have you ever gotten that feeling you know the one that nothing is quiet right and that nothing will ever be right? Let’s operate that you do know this delight because you googled “suicide stories. That formentioned feeling is how my life’s been running in for awhile and to be honest I don’t care much nW. there’s a deep gutting feeling to all my crickets now ranging from joke telling to hanigning out with my best friends. It’s as if I wasn’t suicide to tell this joker hanging out here cause I’mdeeded somewhere else or rathe rnor needed but suppose to be and that …


Helium Hood Kit – Does it work?

March 31st, 2013by LostOlHope

I’m thinking of using the helium hood kit method but I came across quite a few people who say that it doesn’t work. I think the purity of the helium matters. So I’m thinking of using industrial grade helium with a high concentration of helium. Does anyone have any comments on this?


Had To Cut Off My Best Friend

March 31st, 2013by Dave_N

Today I had to cut off my best friend who I’ve known for about 18 years or so. He really pissed me off and he has no respect for me so our friendship is over. I came to him for some advise and he just ridiculed me. Sometimes, its better not to have any friends than to have friends that treat you like shit. To hell with him. One less parasite out of my life.



Dear ShitFuck,

March 31st, 2013by flatus


Thank you for the bright red Office Space styled Swingline stapler. As requested, the coordinates to your mobile home have been registered as one of our possible future targets for tactical nuclear assault.

Regretfully I must admit that we have received thousands of similar requests from others wishing annihilation for themselves. And it is our policy to strike such targets in first come first served priority to ensure fairness.

Yours truly,
Kim “the Donger” Jong-un


Things just keep getting worse

March 31st, 2013by cat_purr1

My life so going so well. I had a boyfriend, a job, I got into multiple colleges, I was doing well in school, and I was eating healthily. Then everything went downhill so fast. My boyfriend broke up with me, I started to fail my classes, I’m almost losing credit in some of my classes and I’ve been getting fatter. I just can’t do it. On top of all of this, I’ve been more depressed than I have been in a while. It just upsets me so much and I want to give in to it, but I know  shouldn’t, but it is just so hard …



March 31st, 2013by kissnm10

I was doing better. I didn’t want to die for a couple of days. You know, I had a documentary about depression to start on, I scheduled classes for senior year of college, I spent time with friends that I love. Then I see a stupid Easter status that mentions the dickhead who broke my heart, and I’m snapped back to reality. I’m a nobody. The one person in my life who has ever claimed to truly love me never did. He said it himself that it was all fake. Why was I so stupid? I actually thought for a bit that maybe I was …



March 31st, 2013by Loveless20

Things were finally getting better now its back smh

watching me taunting ..grining that sinister grin . It has me once again I want to get away but it’s hold is too strong I can’t breathe can’t sleep I want to cut deep deeper and more than ever before. I need to breathe need to be free just one more time please. I have to I need my best friend. Sharp and cold against my skin. I missed you sooo much


whats better sleeping pills and a plastic bag and vodka or vein cutting or co gas

March 31st, 2013by theguy12




help! ways to die nowww

March 31st, 2013by DarkerImagery

I need ways to die within the next 45 mins please help!I know what im doing im not going to miss out on anything just please give me ways to die asap! Email me at darkerimagery@gmail.com


March 31st, 2013by Izzy

I’m angry at myself. I wish I had begun laying the groundwork years ago – had pushed my family and friends away, been a dick so that they wouldn’t care. Now I am stuck.


Im ready

March 31st, 2013by cant do this

Im 60 years old, was married for 25 years, 3 kids, 5 grandkids. Been divorced for 4 years now. Divorce was difficult since kids sided with the mother, but have since come back around. I was somewhat emotional about divorce but more upset about kids. Been dating since and has had its good and bad. 2 years ago I met a lady that rocked my world!!! She is awsum. Problem is I wouldnt commit and I messed up by pushing her away somewhat during a major house buying and renovating project. 2 weeks ago she dumped my sorry ass!!! I am devasted, been crying like …


Snow?? On 31 march??

March 31st, 2013by Engeltje

This morning I woke up and I was so happy (NOT-.-) because it was Easter. I was half awake looked out the windows when I was downstairs and I saw snow. Snow?? No that’s not possible. I mean snow is already a miracle in The Netherlands if we have it in the winter, but on 31 march?? No, not possible. Somebody was joking on me, with a machine that makes snow, but when i saw that it was also high in the air slowly falling down I realized this was no joke. When I realized that, I got totally crazy, because I thought I was …


Suicide missions at Fukushima: they ain’t hiring

March 31st, 2013by flatus

Thank you for your interesting Tokyo Electric Power Co.

We are very sorry, but we are not recruiting personnel for Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station.


Wrong? Right?

March 31st, 2013by Sam

I don’t know. my parents were addicted to meth. To be honest my mom did meth through out the time I was in her stomach. I did not come out wrong I was never normal though. My parents loved me of course but they were always to busy doing drugs and stealing from the government to really take good care of me. My mom eventually went to prison for 5 year. I was sad of course but she left all the time anyways so it was normal. My dad quit meth. He started drinking. Most people would be happy but my dad was worse when …



March 31st, 2013by Kei

I suffer from PTSD, OCD, and bipolar II.  I’m also a FtM transgender person.  My father died in 2009; I was only 20 and was his next of kin and had to to everything relate to the burial.

It took a toll on me.  I didn’t even tell my doctor until 2010, when he put me on antidepressants.

The medication works, for the most part.  But sometimes, my depression creeps back up again.  It did that two years ago.  I had pills stashed, I was ready to do it…

But then an anonymous person commented on a blog post of mine.  It was just the first public post …


The Actual Process Of Insanity

March 31st, 2013by AscahIsBroken

Here is the place where I will let myself be terrified
I’m sick of telling you that I’m okay, that I’m fine
It’s getting to the point where I’m starting to hate lying
This time I won’t turn off the panic, I wanna cry
Release, I need to free the monster, free the fear
Even if I have to cut apart the cage
I will destroy this with my rage

I don’t wanna prevent myself from being this way
I don’t wanna tell you that I wanna live today
Because if I were to be honest, I don’t
And I’m scared of what I’ll do to you if I lose hope
So here’s how I’ve been …