The Perfect Family Gone Horribly Wrong

  March 23rd, 2009 by kickballplayer4life

It all started on a friday afternoon. My mom had just picked me up from school and we were on our way to pick up my older siblings from their schools. Then i had noticed my mom was acting very peculiar. So i asked if everything was ok, and she replied no with a fake smile. i knew something was wrong but i just didnt know what. Once we picked up my older siblings i got ready for a girl scout troop meeting. My mom drove me to it and as soon as she had arrived back at my fathers house she told my sister to take my brother and pick me up after the meeting was over. so my sister locked the house and headed towards the car. my mother sat with a blank expression lying on her face. once my sister was out of sight my motherunlocked my fathers house and hid in his closet. My dad and his girlfriend had just arrived and called out mine and my siblings names. no answer. so he continued to his room when suddenly my mom was pointing a gun straight to his face. she led him slowly back into the kitchen. as soon as my fathers girlfriend saw sight of the gun she dashed out the door dialing 911. meanwhile my father swiped the gun to the left and it shot off into the cabinets. my father struggled to get the gun out of her hands. yet once he did, my mother made a mad dash to his bedroom and punched the window with her bare fist. there was blood gushing out of her hand but she didnt care. she snatched a shard ofglass beginning to slit her wrists in attempt to kill herself. but my dad had stopped her before she could do too much damage. by then the police had arrived and my mother was arrested.

the judge found her guilty and was sentenced to 5 years probation after she served a month in prison. ever since the incident i have thought of suicide, slit my wrists, overdosed medication, put in a psychiatric hospital by my father, lost my confidence or shall i say the bounce in my step. the girl that used to  be the life of the party, the confident, trustworthy friend is no longer here. its just me. a depressed, psycho, crazy, white girl that means nothing to anyone. please help me before its too late.

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