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Lost Soul

by broken_soul504

my soul is broken. I’m so lost. The voices inside my head won’t rest. My tears shed like rain. The storm is wild and cannot be contained. My heart is full of so much pain. I want it all to end. My life is worthless, I am worthless. God why did you create me? Why am I here? Everyday I hope and pray to be taken from this world. 4 suicide attempts all failed. I can’t even kill myself right. My last wish is to leave this world in peace no pain. I’ve had enough, I’m choking on my thoughts. I am lost!!! Help someone please kill me. End my pain. Please!  RonnieOG

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Knightofdoom 5/28/2014 - 7:31 pm

dear lost broken soul,
I know it can be lonely in this world and i know people quite not understand why your in so much pain, but hang in there i promise it will get better, sometime god put us in life to find our faith, he is always there waiting for you to see the light, and lead you out of the darkness,You are not a failure, you have survived death 4 times,you are not ready to go,you just need to help figure out what your thoughts are telling you,
If suggest on a nice day, leave your house yes go to the beach or nature, and pray,ask for forgiveness, give in to life’s pleasure, fresh air filling your body making you feel alive, pray for brighter days and hope and strength. Nature is quite life making.

Body and soul

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