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Long exposure deth

by luka

I’m thinking of killing myself at the next train station. Trains pass by at high speeds. Just one step in front of it and it’s all over. I thought of taking my camera and make a long exposure photo of me jumping in front of the train. Would get a great photo as the end of my life. At least something to be remembered for


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Alan Ominous 2/6/2016 - 5:49 pm

While that would effectively kill you, I don’t think you can call it killing yourself. You’d be forcing someone else to kill you. Hear me out. Now, not that you should live solely for others, but picture the poor schmuck (train operator). He sees you jumping, and is powerless to stop his train. That image is in his mind forever. Then the media displays your artistic photography, haunting him more. Sure your not suffering anymore, but the suffering isn’t gone, you merely passed it off onto him. The moment your journey ended his begins.

Not interested in life 2/6/2016 - 5:58 pm

what he said ^^

StayOrGo 2/6/2016 - 5:59 pm

Well stated Alan Ominous.

PhantomCitizen43 2/7/2016 - 2:30 am

Yeah that is a terrible way to go. Dont do it.

dyinginny 2/7/2016 - 12:14 pm

Please don’t choose this method. I used to work in a Level 1 trauma center in NYC where people try this method all too often. Their still living mangled bodies are rushed to the hospital where doctors try in vain for hours to keep them living. It’s a horrible way to go.

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