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Malicious neighbour who always try to put us down and got away with their petty revenge in the past threaten to sue my family over our car Back Up Alarm. They mock and taunt us that my family can get a heavy fine, arrested, and owe them compensation money in return. The worst case scenario is that we live in between them and their in-law family down the street who kids are just as bad. They are like ping pong balls bouncing back and forth leaving the mess behind on our driveway.

Basically, they have been openly overconfident and obnoxious ever since they snapped in January 2105. I’m aware that they have been secretly recording us for months and following us closely to find the perfect opportunities to sabotage. My relative kept reminding me to ignore them and “let it go” since they are free to look at us and record us if they want to/they can’t do no harm to us with the recordings. They took advantage of his kindness and procrastination.

We had good intention of installing this gadget for safety reasons. Similarly, the product description stated: “Add peace of mind to your vehicle when backing up. Avoid dangerous situations and alert people around you that you are reversing.” My life motto is: Do no harm, but take no shit.

Those jerks twisted up the story, and are spreading rumours about us being anti-social,  using the back-up alarm noise as a form of harassment, intentional infliction of emotional distress and etc. What bother me the most is that my relative always believe that if there is a noise complaint issued, the police will give us a warning first to inform us to stop the noise or fix it. Lost motivation because of these sort of people exist. I can understand why celebrities can get so, irritated with paparazzi being nosey with their personal lives and always trying to get dirt on them. We have anti-fans living nearby us. The daily negativity emitted by these people is slowly draining away my happiness and purpose in life. Trying to start each day with a positive thought. Whenever I see their faces it just disgust me and I truly feel sad that I couldn’t fully protect my family well-being and finance from these sort of leeches. I always try to forgive people but giving them too many chances have made them become obnoxious and rude.  I tend to never talk again to those toxic people. On another note, I believe that they are trying to sue us to make it harder for our house to sell.

Every day I remind my family to “be careful” because I can sense that my neighbour are seeking opportunities to harm us. They made complaints to the city about our property over almost everything. Since we never got any letter or direct warning we just ignore them and continue living our own lives. Their hatred toward us slowly became an unhealthy obsession.  Once in awhile they would send their kids over to provoke us by playing on our driveway or their car would intentionally be parked horizontally blocking us from reversing out of our driveway. The nickname that I like to call these people is: ToFu because they look calm and normal on the outside but have rotten personality on the inside. Another nickname would be “fly” because after so, many times I told them to leave us alone they keep coming back, every time more rude and obnoxious.

My problem is not their slander that is filled with bullshit about us but whether or not my relative can get fined for everyday that the back-up alarm is activated without a warning. Fine accumulating over time without us knowing is just absurd and we surely wouldn’t be using it if the police had told us earlier. They threaten us that we can get arrested for noise pollution. I got really depressed over worrying about house arrest because my mother has an upcoming surgery soon and losing money/arrest won’t be good news. Ever since we installed security cameras on our property they have been acting all innocent on the outside but I know deep down they hold a grudge against us because they aren’t able to show their true colour and have to refrain from using offensive words/action. Living indoor beside their adjoined walls is the most disgusting experience. Sometime when I go to the wash room, I can hear someone intentionally laughing out loud for us to hear and they keep talking about getting our “money” to provoke us and talking about how they are going to beat us up and stuff. From Canada, and sometime the voice next door travels through the vents.

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