June 3rd, 2017by vee

you know those days where you wake up and decide you will definitely enjoy that day? you decide you’re going to do anything you can to feel happy and do everything you always put off. you feel determined and excited. today was supposed to be one of those days. since yesterday wasn’t the day off i would’ve liked it to be, i decided to try my best and have an acceptable day today. it didn’t particularly work, and i’m not surprised.
numbness is a very strange feeling. at first, you don’t understand it; but after a while, you forget how you felt before. what it feels to feel.
sometimes i think maybe feeling was nice, but the thing is i still feel; even if they’re negative feelings, they’re still something.
i’ve decided i’ll just keep going. lately everything is kind of like when a fly gets inside your house. after trying to get it out for a while, you just give up and ignore it, maybe leave the window open so it leaves by itself. currently, i’m the fly; and i’m waiting for someone to open the window.

– something i wrote out of the top of my head, may not make sense but eh –

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