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Waisted Potential.

by JudgeMeNot

   It’s simple and I’ve come to accept that my life is a failure. I agree that not every living body has the ability to play this game. “Living” (game of life)

Mentally and physically the older you get the less you can control. What boosts your chances of having success is adopting early to the challenges we typically face has humans. Being social enough to have friends, learn to speak with strangers. Work hard and bring value to share with your family. Express emotions with the opposite sex to love and protect.

Ive took it all for granted.. didnt bother to learn from my mistakes. Continued to drift and bounce between self damages that are now my beliefs. I’m delusional. I’m scared to face my reality. What’s past my bedroom door. Crying from the intense observations of others. Having a mental break down just looking at others converse and laugh, enjoying themselves with others. I sence the world has past me by.. I just dont know when it happened and how long I have been this way.

I have a family I dont deserve because i dont know how to love.

I hate myself because I dont know how to forgive and forget.

I missed my opportunity… to grow. To be someone, who others wouldn’t mind to think and say something positive about.

I’m Less than Dead.

My name is Brody and I will try to build the courage to kill myself.




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Robshow16 9/15/2020 - 12:59 pm

I like your name, Brody – it has a very strong and “determined” sound to it. I think you are underestimating yourself and what you are capable of. Don’t take this as criticism, take it as positive reinforcement. What they say is true, life is what you make it. I think you are quite intelligent and capable of giving strongly to those things that matter most to you. To hell with what others want from you – do what you feel will make you happy and try out some new paths even if they are hard at first. I really believe you can be great!

JudgeMeNot 9/15/2020 - 11:40 pm

Thanks. I’ll try.

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