Coping Skills



September 4th, 2015by Trix

Hey everyone, sorry for the ramble –

Has anyone here overcome (at least in part) anxiety or depression through mindfulness and meditation?

I’ve tried to practice them in the past but for the past few years I’ve been in a constant state of anxiety/panic, and it’s so difficult that I’ve never really kept it up. Since I’ve had ME I’ve been more eager to try – it’s a lot harder now to distract myself from depression and anxiety. I’ve also come across some methods people have used to cure their physical symptoms using their minds, so it seems more important than ever that I gain some control …

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Found a small joy

September 3rd, 2015by vee

Today I woke up feeling really depressed, so much so that I was in my room from 8am until about 4pm because I just wanted to be left alone.
When I got out to use the bathroom, I saw my keyboard. Now, even though I’ve never considered myself “good” at playing, I thought why not try and learn a song. And I did. After feeling the most depressed I’ve felt in days, I was able to escape and now I’m feeling not good but not bad either.
This post is kinda pointless, but I just wanted to share that playing an instrument, even if you’re not that …

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Going for a change

September 1st, 2015by YuTasogare

Things lately have been pretty hard for me, going to my mom’s house and therefore leaving my dad’s house. My parentes breakup was something that really has affected me, before that I can’t remember a single thing in my life that isn’t perfect. I know my memory may be deceiving me but if it’s how you remember it, being real or not, for you it really happened. Memories can be so deceiving, but I know a perfect life or time doesn’t exist, life isn’t something this easy but I guess if it was there would be no fun in it, right?

Well, my father has depression …

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It’s Over

August 29th, 2015by 1dimple

Not for me but my friend. He has passed. Taken his own life. I was emailed the news. Horror filled me. I fell to my knees and wept. I was lone and still I buried my face into my hands to hide my sorrow. I felt the pressure build inside my head, my stomach turned. He knew that I loved him. I don’t have to regret him not knowing. I never left him. Never gave up on him. It wasn’t enough. His demons were ruthless and unrelenting.

He was hurt over and over again by the people who should have been his protection. I feel numb, …

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Uplifting Songs

August 29th, 2015by geekinthepink

I want to share some songs that might uplift a sad soul today.

  1. King – Lauren Aquilina;
  2. Fly – Hilary Duff;
  3. Hold On – Wilson Phillips;
  4. Brave – Sara Bareilles;
  5. Dare You to Move – Switchfoot;

Share some of the songs that kept you going. 🙂

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Am I the only one to contemplate suicide based on philosophical considerations?

August 24th, 2015by ThePhilosopher

Compared to some of the stories of unspeakable suffering on this site mine may seem almost frivolous at first glance but I assure you it is not frivolous to me.

I was born with a brain that seems tailor-made for science and philosophy. As a boy of 11 I acquired books about physics, cosmology and philosophy. I can’t say that I understood everything at that age (I am not a genius) but I understood quite a bit, certainly enough to get me hooked for life.

I was especially fascinated by questions about the origin of it all (Why is there anything at all and not nothing?) and …

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Which way?

August 24th, 2015by YuTasogare

It’s the second time I write here today. I really thought things would take a turn for the better but It wasn’t the case. It makes some pretty good time since I got this bad. I just wanna cry but I simply can’t, maybe it’s because I don’the have the option to fail this time. Like my life would crumble if I did that, there was also one other thing that bothers me. My family have seen the pages I’ve been accessing and then they found out about No need to say they are very worried about me but even so they

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Sadness on the way to…

August 23rd, 2015by YuTasogare

Well, I’m here and I will keep moving forward, yesterday I left my dad’s house, I plan on living with my mom from now on, don’t know for how long and don’t wanna think about it right now, my dad is kinda down, he suffers from “depression” (I think it’s like that, don’t know how to say it in English) so yeah… my departure made him feel very bad, and I keep blamming me for this, being responsible for someone’s sadness like that, that’s very heavy! I feel so… sellfish. I always cared for the others first but they can’t see or feel it and …

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Second living…live and learn

August 18th, 2015by CRiticalthinker

Soooo this is my first post thingy so no hate unless its at least funny and please comment your own thoughts.

I wanna start out by saying how weird life is and how unbelievably random it could be, but also how planed it ends up being. Like if I make a good choice to hang out with my first friend which goes into a bad decision of doing drugs, which leads to a path with fake friends. Then of course ended up here at block one with no friends just to start all over.

But I cant help to say that I kinda liked that part of my …

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“There must be something here”

August 17th, 2015by extraodinarymachine

First post. Moderators, please edit or let me know if I have said anything not allowed. I’m guessing my post may contain some triggers, though I’ve not been graphic & spoken heartfelt ideas in an honest way. I’m asking for some advice from places I’ve not sought help before. “Oh Lord! Please don’t let me be misunderstood.”

The Dancer in the Dark quote. “Have you seen China? Have you seen the Great Wall?” “All walls are great if the roof doesn’t fall”. This is what each day is like.

I’ve been there for so many others. I have kept friends alive. I’ve cared and helped. I’ve …

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I don’t know

August 16th, 2015by jules1769

I’m crying. So badly right now. All alone. I’m so fucking alone. That’s all I feel loneliness. Emptiness. And sometimes I feel nothing at all. One minuet I’m fine the next I find myself shattered into a million pieces. I can’t do this. I can’t. I just can’t. I’m giving up. I don’t know anymore. Don’t know what to do. Don’t know how to be happy. Don’t know how to fix this. I’m wondering if today should be the day.

I’m giving up.

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Chronic illness, life is over

August 16th, 2015by sparrowhills

I am a 23 year old guy and I have been diagnosed with a chronic autoimmune condition called lupus. What this means is that my immune system finally caught up with my brain and started hating itself as much as I did before I even knew what the word “lupus” meant. My body is destroying itself and if I choose to keep living, I will live every day for the rest of my life in pain with the looming threat of facing severe organ damage or becoming permanently bedridden. Having lupus means that something as innocent as spending 2 minutes in the sun could cause my immune system to …

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My Reality

August 16th, 2015by Raining souls

I don’t get it. My parents say that my depression is just and act, but when my sister boyfriend breaks up with her and she goes and cries they help her right away. But when I’m crying or just lock my self in my room all they say is oh stop acting like a child. When i told them that i have some scars, this is the thing that got me so mad all they did was laugh. They say im just acting. But I’m not they don’t know i tried to kill my self more then once and all they say is that I’m …

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August 15th, 2015by Yours, Forever and Always

I’m suffocating.

I don’t know any other word for it.

I’m slowly suffocating in this life and I’m dying inside.

My mother asked me today, “Would you mind if I smoke?”

She knows that I HATE when she smokes. I’ve tried to help her stop smoking for the past 13 years and it seems like every time I think she;s getting better, she’s just faking it.

She told me she hopes that I can forgive her.

But how can I forgive a hypocrite? When I started smoking, she almost threw me out of the house. When I

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Dumping all my thoughts here

August 15th, 2015by lostindreams

I haven’t really gotten a chance to vent to others. Most of the time I’m too afraid to actually spill what’s on my mind to those closest to me, or my thoughts are too jumbled that I can’t really describe what I’m feeling very well so I have to brush it off and say ‘oh it’s nothing, don’t worry about it’ or ‘it’s a long story’. So when I saw this site I was pretty happy because not only can I actually say what I’m actually thinking without the fear of being stigmatized, but I can actually help myself cope by sharing everything that’s been …

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How Do I Become Mute?

August 12th, 2015by Thalia Grace

I want to become mute to everyone. Forever. But I don’t know how. I have friends and stuff, I just get really worried about saying the wrong thing all the time. My shitty life would be easier if I just stopped talking. I did this with my friends for a bit and they understood and it defenatly helped so if you have any advice on how to go mute to everyone,-teachers, parents etc, could you post a  comment? It would be really helpful, thanks. I’m just starting year 9, I don’t know if that makes things more difficult or not, I dunno. But anyway, thanks.

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I painted this picture one day when existentialism was strong on my mind. I hadn’t painted it because I was feeling suicidal. I hadn’t painted it because I wanted some attention from my parents. I hadn’t painted it just because it looked cool. I painted it because it spoke to me. I hear a lot […]


Please Don’t Push Me

August 12th, 2015by sleeplessinSTL

I relapsed with self harm and over medicating a week or so ago. Before this, I had been chatting with a guy who I met at my gym. We’ve been talking for quite a while and we get along pretty well. We used to have feelings for eachother but he went into the marines and we decided that it would be best to just remain friends. He’s been out for a year or so and we’ve been talking again. Those feelings I had for him are still there, albeit a bit faded, but I since I relapsed recently, I don’t really want to start a …



August 12th, 2015by flyingnorth

On Sunday I moved into my first apartment so I can be closer to my college. The apartments are set up like dorms so I got a roommate and its actually working out great. We’re very alike. I’d say we’ll get along just fine. And then I can’t help but think there is something else that will have to go wrong in my life for this to work out because my life is never just fine all the time. I’m hoping it can be something small.


I made brownies for us yesterday. Nutella brownies to be exact. And when I was pulling them from the oven …


Symptoms…. Of What? Asking for help.

August 12th, 2015by KissOfDeath

So, this is very different than any other of my posts,
but I have been experiencing some “feelings” and I cannot find a name to these symptoms.
I feel like I can communicate with an outer me, such as if I had a twin, it’s very strange, it started with mirrors, and now I feel like I am not alone, although I am sitting in my room alone, such as another person is her. (Another version of myself.)
I have experienced this before, but only when I have been exhausted, and/or when I go from being surrounded by people for a long/short period of time, to be …