Coping Skills


Coping Resources…what coping resources??

So, hi all, I’m new here.  That sentence in itself sounds whack enough to qualify me to be here, eh?  I was reading the Read This First – Actively Suicidal subsection & noted how well it applied to me.  I feel that my coping resources are next to nil.  Never had good ones, but with […]


I’ve been at my real dads since June 24 and I’m leaving August 3. My mom has been verbally and mentally abusive for all of my life. She threatens to physically abuse me all the time. She led me to believe that my dad never cared about me and that he cheated on her with […]

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Protected: How will I know when I’m not here anymore?

July 29th, 2015by Tristeza

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A long walk

July 29th, 2015by Haven

Slightly different from my usual posts.

I’ve done a lot of walking lately, having lost my pass for public transport. Now waiting on a replacement, which will hopefully arrive before/by the end of this week.

It’s pleasant to walk everywhere. You’d think it to be tiring and long, but it isn’t. Putting in some head/earphones eases the experience.

It gave me more time to mull things over.

It’s relaxing. I walk in places where there are less people around, so I don’t feel too ‘out in the open’.

I’ve taken many things for granted, and never made the effort to truly appreciate those things. That includes being able to freely …


IF YOU’RE IN CANADA -> Listeners

July 23rd, 2015by Jombo

Hey guys!


I’ve been using this hotline called Listeners. it’s an app you can download on your phone and you can call a Listener any time you want. It’s 100% free, it needs internet connexion thought but no long distance fee. The people on this are professionals with diplomas in psychology and they are paid. They are so nice and caring they really want to listen to you and help. I’ve made a friend with one of them. When you hang up you can rate them and they will then appear on your page so you can call them specifically when they are online. It’s only …


Sometimes YOU have to be the “Change” …

July 22nd, 2015by Dawg

… and it’s true.

I was just told this by my GF after she ran through the checklist of all my failures and shortcomings. As if I was completely unaware and aloof of how utterly fucked I am and have been for the last few years. Now, I’m sure she means to somehow motivate me or in some other way try to light a fire under my ass to somehow ferret my way to at least a treading water type of existence in some clever way – she’d be ecstatic if I could manage that.

What’s funny (ironic/weird type funny … and in a twisted way funny ha …


Empaths. a Blessing or a Curse. a Gift or a Burden.

July 21st, 2015by Nova

I consider myself to be an Empath. You might be one too.  It’s been extremely difficult to live and function in a society where people don’t really have empathy so it’s hard for them to really feel what somebody else is going through. And that’s why so many people are ruthless and cutthroat, you know. Being and Empath is like having a finely tuned ‘Bullshit’ Lie-Detector.  It’s really strange to have the ability to really feel what other people are feeling because I don’t know how to handle and cope with it. Now, staying away from strangers is easy enough; I just don’t go outside …



July 19th, 2015by coconut

I’m not suicidal, but I don’t want to live. If something naturally happened to end my life I would be relieved. I feel like my entire life has been one disappointment after the other. I feel like people shouldn’t have kids if they can’t look after them. I feel like my parents shouldn’t have had me, it was irresponsible. I feel like as a general rule, people are selfish, and through that I have been abused and irreparably damaged. I used to be so excited about things and life and was such a happy kid, but I’ve been through too much now. There is millions …


a poem that helps me

July 15th, 2015by Dorothy Gale

The slam poetry scene in my state has been a veritable haven when I can actually get myself to attend an open mic/slam feature night. I hope this poem can help at least one person like it did for me.

Kait Rokowski – “A Good Day” (to see her recite it)

Yesterday, I spent 60 dollars on groceries,
took the bus home,
carried both bags with two good arms back to my studio apartment
and cooked myself dinner.
You and I may have different definitions of a good day.
This week, I paid my rent and my credit card bill,
worked 60 hours between my two jobs,
only saw the sun on …


So many beautiful souls here

July 15th, 2015by Dorothy Gale

and it’s so painful to see you in such despair.

That this must be our cross to bear, what brings us together as perfect strangers. The black dog on our shoulder. Wish it could be anything else for all of us.

I spent all night last night reading through posts and comments. When I came in I was crying for myself, hoping not to feel the end of my rope once more. I went to bed crying for others, hoping they can somehow find their way back up their rope, and if not, that they can find in death the peace they so crave and deserve. I …


When One Was Desolate

July 15th, 2015by theunknownxx

I’m getting tired of seeing people writing down that they are going to commit suicides and look at the comments and seeing people say “good luck” “hope everything works” “never apologize, wish you luck”
Do you guys have any compassion or sympathy or even care about these guys??? Come on! It doesn’t matter if you know them or not. Stop them! Save a life for once, their life had meaning and you know it! Don’t just look away, they are hurting and are empty, be that person to encourage them to stop, don’t just read their suicide plan and leave as that, have a heart for …


I just

July 14th, 2015by Chandelier203

Wanna cut my arms. Probably not gonna do it though.


The “perks” of being Malcolm

July 13th, 2015by ThePerksOfBeingMe

So here I am, an eighteen year old boy on a website designed for sad teenage girls and I’m expected to talk about the “perks” of being me? Okay fine if it will keep her happy and I’ll be able to come out more often then FINE I’ll write! Hm some perks? Well, I had a milkshake last night so that’s cool or whatever. Man I don’t think I can sit here and pretend there are perks to being myself. I can’t even be myself! I’m 18 and a boy and I’m trapped in a woman’s body, let me tell you going to the bathroom …



July 13th, 2015by lovattproject

First time posting I’m really just looking for places I can get advice without being judged. Yes I am new so just bare with me as I try to explain my story.

It all all started when I was little, I was told I had really bad behaviour problems this was around the age of 5-12 years old. My parents have told me the only way they could make me behave was to slap me, or to punch me just any means they thought was appropriate, I had therapy when I was really young because I used to hit myself, I never mixed with other kids …



July 13th, 2015by KissOfDeath

I’ve always wanted to submerge myself into something that would help numb these feelings,
I’ve always wanted to experience that complete lostness you see in someone deep into their work,
I’ve always envied that.
I’ve tried to lose myself in alcohol,
but these feelings make is seem as if I’m drinking poison.
I’ve tried to lose myself in drugs,
but these feelings make the strongest “uppers” into downers.
I knew these weren’t positive things to lose myself in,
but I didn’t care,
I was so desperate.
I’ve always wanted to be a great writer,
I wanted to paint beautiful scenes with my words,
but creativity seems to be degraded when there’s never a happy ending. …


Going Down, Society (in our current state, anyway)

July 12th, 2015by not_much_different

Talk to someone about something relevant, and most people will respond like they are not interested.

People that prioritize their fantasies at the expense of the reality of things are, sadly, the byproduct of a lack of education, cultural indoctrination, or more drastically, some genetic outcomes, being a victim of violence, extreme poverty, sickness, addictions, to name a few…

Now try to fix or to solve a universal, a global, a regional or a local problem, because that idea you got is closer to an


More Perks of Being Elizabeth!

July 12th, 2015by ThePerksOfBeingMe

Well, its come to my attention that there is a ton of misconception about DID especially on the internet!

If any of you have any interest in speaking to someone suffering from the disorder I encorage you to feel free to comment here, follow me on Tumblr ( or i have a KIK (theperksofbeingus) which of course is more personal! I really look forward to hearing from anyone, if I can educate just one person I feel as if I’ll be making a difference!


The Perks Of Being Elizabeth.

July 12th, 2015by ThePerksOfBeingMe

Hey Suicide Project!

I’m new to the site and I’m kind of hoping that keeping a blog will be a good outlet for me. I’m Elizabeth and I suffer from a mental disorder known as Dissociative Identity Disorder or (DID). What does this mean? Well formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder or (MPD); DID  is a mental disorder on the dissociative spectrum characterized by at least two distinct and relatively enduring identities or dissociated personality states that alternately control a person’s behavior. But, what does this mean for me? This means that I “host” several other alternate personalities. I …



July 11th, 2015by Undead101

When I think, I think way to hard, I think so much that, thinking is all i think about. I think about how everything is just, just a veil to the real world. I see the world in all that it is. People think that when you die you go to an eternal paradise if you follow a few rules and accept Jesus Christ. But in reality. (that’s the world i live in) When you’re brain stops working. You stop being you. You have no soul. Its just you’re brain and how you think.  You just sit in the ground and rot. But if you …


Questions to make you Think

July 10th, 2015by KissOfDeath

Before you convince yourself that now is the time to leave this world and enter a whole new dimension of an unknown abyss, ask yourself these questions. (and feel free to answer them yourself in the comments):

What makes it so hard for you to stay?

What do you view suicide as?

How would you commit suicide?

On average, 6 people are intimately affected by the suicide of a friend, family member, etc.
Who do you think would miss you the most? (Can be more or less than 6 people.)

Why would those people miss you so much?

What is your favorite thing about your everyday life?

What are some …