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I hate money , money sucks , money make people shallow & superficial !

August 12th, 2014by niki

I hate Money
because it makes people (& society , Humanity as a whole) very shallow & superficial these days / nowadays / today !

90% (or perhaps even more?) Majority / Most people nowadays / today seems to only think about how to make money, how to be rich (and famous), and all/everything of the notion of “success” is simply/only just measured by how much Money (or materials / materialistic stuff) you have.

Most people are so brainwashed by just that mere piece of papers, that they think almost EVERYTHING today/nowadays is & must being ‘ruled/controlled’ by that -ironically- human’s own invention !
Most people I see nowadays …

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Telling your job

August 11th, 2014by Engie

Hi people,

What do you think about disclosing your depression in the workplace? Telling your boss or HR or someone you trust.
Is it a good idea?

What are your experiences?

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A big hug to you guys (and a suggestion)

August 7th, 2014by Flanker

Since Afternoon, been reading every single story which has been posted here in the last 5 days, resisted the urge to reply everytime. What moral authority did I have anyway, since I was too one of those who’d go to any limits to get rid of the pain. But we choose that only when we are alone, not when someone tells us that they do care. Which is what made me feel better, irrespective of them being total strangers, who haven’t invested shit in you, they still hear you out, offer advice to cope up with whatever you’re suffering from, keeping aside their own painful …

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