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Imagination better than reality? Why Imagination is better than reality? Why is Imagination better than reality?

by niki

Why Imagination is better than reality?
Why is Imagination better than reality?
Why is fantasy better than reality? Why fantasy is better than reality?

What puzzles me the most is human’s mind / human’s brains and imagination better than reality / human’s fantasy is better than reality.

for example:
just look at the movies, novels, comics, games, books, , animations (anime / manga), science fiction (sci-fi), fantasy , like Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Narnia, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Swords Art Online, Interstellar, etc etc, they are much more interesting, full of POSSIBILITIES & varieties / variations, and better than reality / BORING reality / real life / real world !

Our everyday’s Reality / real-life / real-world is boring, mundane, dull, LIMITED / full of LIMITATIONS, and often we fantasize / fantasy I wish I live in the movies, video games, novels, comics, books, anime / manga, etc etc , than this Reality / real life / real world !

Why imagination better than reality?
Why imagination is better than reality?
Why fantasy is better than reality ?

Why our human’s BRAIN / human’s MIND and human’s IMAGINATION is better than boring REALITY ??
WHY ?? …

(PS: I need SERIOUS and detailed answers. not stupid, ignorant answers. thank you).

(PSS: also, how many of you here also have heard about: Virtual Reality (VR) , Lucid Dreaming , Astral Projection ? I hope they are real, so I can leave this boring reality / reallife / realworld & enter worlds/universes of IMAGINATIONS .. ! )


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hatefulworld 12/12/2014 - 5:50 am

You might hate me for saying this but, I just think people are so unreal and so unauthentic in their real lives that they make reality boring because they are socially conditioned to do whatever it is they are supposed to d a certain way. Also reality sucks because as you know people are sad and going through shit all the time and they dont want to talk about it. I would rather live in a world where people do fun shit just to do it but Im losing hope and beginnig to think people just want to continuoally hurt themselves and everyone around them for their own enjoyment. I thought life had more to offer than that. Someway some how, but no. I havent seen good in the world except by little kids and everyone knows it cost a lot of money to raise one of them. All this worlds about is money. Were too wrapped up in making money and not dying that we cant be imaginative in our real lives. We cant live it up. Most people cant. I dont think Im one of them but then again Im sucicidal trying to decide whether its worth it to try and make a change or to just eave this world to burn like I know it is one day anyway

hatefulworld 12/12/2014 - 5:56 am

If you want any kind of intelligent answer Ill say this. We are severely limited in the way we interact with one another and most people tend to use their imaginations at an elementary level.

and sometimes we speakey adifferent language. if you catch my drift. I might want to pretend Im a drug dealer when Im at the mall. I might want to actually start dealing drugs. I might want to buy a boat with that money and sail that shit across the ocean. Then I might fancy picking up some hoes when I get there. Of course theres no limit to what you can do, but in reality, you might be hanging with different people who want different things than you making it hard to create anything worth living for. Damn that was a pretty good answer, i should give myself more credit once and a while. well…peace, “niki”

Faugheen 12/12/2014 - 7:36 am

It’s a complicated issue, I don’t know and you won’t find any experts on anything here. Thinking about it logically I’d say social inhibition causes them to escape into a dream world where anything is possible, stimulating neurotransmitters in the hypothalamus, resulting in compulsive behaviour.

Salt 12/12/2014 - 12:40 pm

The short answer: Imagination is better than reality because reality sucks ass.

Imagination is false, a lie, a fairy tale that we invent to deal with the hell of reality. So we invent movies about superheroes who come to our rescue. We invent books where everything comes to a clean, logical end. We invent music so we can drown out the ugly sounds of cities and neighbors mowing their lawn when we’re trying to get an hour of sleep. We invent gods and santa and Easter bunnies because the truth of reality–the fact that we are each alone and nobody is watching over us, curing our diseases, keeping us from killing each other–is too horrible to bear.

Sleep is about the only thing we’ve got going for us. I don’t believe in Astral Projection and anything supernatural like that, but Lucid Dreaming (the ability to control your mind in dreams) is something worth trying. I used to do it years ago when I had a reasonable amount of mind to work with. But it’s a LOT of work. You have to do mental exercises over the course of months that help you recognize recurring “symbols” in your own dreams. Once you have that down, then you go to sleep, telling yourself if you see one of those symbols, you’ll know you’re dreaming.

That’s just the 1st step. The hard part is teaching yourself not to suddenly wake up the moment you realize you’re dreaming. I never could get that part down. But the few times I experienced Lucid Dreaming it was amazing. I usually just told myself I could fly and spent the rest of the night soaring above the clouds.

Sucks to wake up, though. Sucks big time.

Dreams & imagination will always be better than reality, simply because nothing can be worse.

tc13 12/12/2014 - 1:29 pm

salt, i am into astral projection, supernatural stuff,and lucid dreaming. yours is one of the best descriptions ive read. thank you for not scoffing as so many people do. i do not know if its real or not, but for ME, it has been very beneficial.like most of us, i will take whatever relief from this i can get. thank you. that was very well stated

Salt 12/12/2014 - 2:35 pm

Hey tc13, thanks, and that’s awesome that you’ve tapped into it. What sort of experiences have you had with astral projection? Even though I said I don’t believe in it, I would love to believe in it. I’ve had 1 or 2 (upsetting) experiences, like dreaming that I was looking at my own body. But it was always a feeling of panic, not calm like they say it’s supposed to be. So I assumed I was just having trippy nightmares. Maybe I was on the verge of something, but the fear was just too much to bear. Maybe that would also explain why I haven’t officially offed myself yet.

lost 12/12/2014 - 1:35 pm

Imagination isn’t better than reality. The natural world is filled with things that make our wildest imaginings seem dull. As for our day to day living conditions, sometimes circumstances — which, if you’re an adult, is almost a combination of our own personal choices, plus many other things beyond our control — are unpleasant and we escape into our imaginations because we can’t access the very REAL wonders that the universe has to offer. It’s still by far inferior to what we CAN experience in the physical world, but imagination serves a purpose.

Ignoring reality totally (or as much as one can), pursuing imaginary things to the *exclusion* of our real lives, is not likely to result in any kind of positive long-term outcome.

L4Y 12/12/2014 - 2:06 pm


I noticed your mention of astral projection and it is something I have had an interest in myself for quite a few years. It seems like it’s an amazing tool if possible and was just wondering if you had experienced any success with it.


tc13 12/12/2014 - 4:39 pm

salt and L4Y, ok, not an easy thing to describe, as with all techniques it takes time, effort, and practice. i had a really good holistic healer that did a lot of work with me. the hardest part i had to learn was being able to open my mind to the possabilities that such things could even be possable. not an easy task considering all the years of standard social conditioning,religion, stigmas, et al. we did all kinds of work tied into the holistic meathods. chakra tuning, energy healing, past life regression, even hypnosis. hypnosis terrified me because i really dont want someone else in my head planting suggestions. the jury is still out on the results of that, but i am more comfortable with it now. salt, from your description, you had an out of body experience. those are trippy and will scare the shit out of you,until you get used to them. the first one i had freaked me right out. over time i learned that staying calm mentally is the key. your mind and conscienceness are two seperate entities,your mind stays with the body but your consiencesness can travel.their is like an invisable chord connecting the two.any sudden jolt or shock and BAM, you are back in your body, wondering “wow, did that really happen?” its your choice whether you believe it did or not. i did and continued trying. like anything, study, practice and desire play a big part. for me, feeling like an idiot doing something stupid did not help my progress. only my desire to get past depression kept me going. after overcoming the initial shock and lots and lots of practice i was able to start having some success. those vivid dreams that seem so real, are. had so many of those. knowing full well i am in bed asleep, but in another reality, being doing, and talking to others. crazy, i know, but i gave up on sanity long ago. i have met and conversed with many aspects of me from the past and with entities from the future that im not sure about. for me now, it is fun and exciting and helps tremendously. the more i learn, the more i want to learn. if this is a path you choose to explore, i urge caution and diligence. as with any system, their are scammers and charlatans that can do great damage. choose your teachers carefully. read and study as much information as possable. their is some really good information out their. find others and talk to them.i cannot speak for others, but in my case, it helps. our society does not accept this kind of path, and you will run into people who will insult, belittle, and even be hostile to you over this choice. i have grown a thick skin because of them and continue because of the results i have seen in me. my own family does not accept it, but tell me that they notice the change in me. for the better. one recomendation. keep a notebook by your bed. when you have an experience, write it down immiedetley, with as many details as you can remember. the memories fade quickley and it helps joggle the memory of that event. i hope this helps. their is so much more that goes into this than can be written here. for those who are willing, it can be a fun and interestng journey into the deeper elements of your mind

Salt 12/12/2014 - 8:53 pm

Way cool, tc3. I used to have a really open mind about the supernatural, but now maybe it’s laziness or just not giving a crap, but I don’t have experiences like that anymore. I think you said it: “the hardest part i had to learn was being able to open my mind to the possabilities”

Actually when I read what you wrote about the invisible cord, a morbid thought came to mind. Maybe that would be a way to commit suicide. If you get to that point, you’re really messing with the spirit world and I’m sure you could somehow break the cord and leave this world forever.

Even if I had the chance I would never do it though. Funny I’m not afraid of blowing my head off, but messing with the spirit world terrifies me. Maybe there’s no difference, who knows.

Anyway I never thought of using it as therapy, but if it works for you then there’s proof. Thanks, maybe I’ll give it a shot. I’ll start with lucid dreaming, with the notebook, and see where it goes from there. I didn’t stick with it before, but like you said maybe the desire to get past depression will keep me going.

tc13 12/12/2014 - 9:32 pm

i noticed in me,that if i dont work and practice with it, i get rusty and start to forget things. other disciplines also come into play.meditation does wonders. it stills the mind and body and teaches me to relax. managing shock and fear. their are things in the spirit world that will scare the shit out of you. if your traveling and having a good time,and something shocks the mind, boom, back in your body. the conscience mind is not used to being in the realm of the subconscience. yeah, already had that thought on the cord. its not a visable, tangible thing, more of a feeling of connection. calm and relaxed are key words, breathing is an important componet.let your mind float. starting out can be difficult because of all the crap that jumps into the brain. dont fight, dont force, just let them flow through. damn, thanks salt, just realized that its been a while since i worked with this. got plans for tonite and it aint dying.lol. ive never worked with anybody from a distance before, but i will try and find you in the nethers. do not let disappointment and failure stop you. it takes work and practice and effort. once achieved though, its toatally amazing and changes more than a few perspectives. good luck, happy travels, and ill see ya in the nethers

Salt 12/13/2014 - 12:26 am

Thanks for the encouragement tc, hope to see ya there. I’ll be the dude flippin out saying “my body where the frig is my body???!!” haha

L4Y 12/13/2014 - 11:57 am

Thanks for the information, TC13 – it sounds amazing.

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