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No clue

April 22nd, 2010by WePow

Not sure what is not allowed on this site? So I guess talking about stuff that is real is ok?

This is my life in a bleeping nutshell…
Sorry if it is too graphic or whatever… I just am trying to reach out for help I guess.

Thank you – whoever you are out there.

See, I have a therapist and he is great. But he has a workshop today and Friday. So I already emailed him once but said I would try other support tools. I use a support website a lot -but this is something I can’t …

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To Fly

April 22nd, 2010by charlotte_intheskywithdiamonds

The sky ever surrounding


So high and far away

Yet we try to fly

We say that we can’t fly

But I say why not?

If people keep trying

Then there has to be a chance

A chance to become that hummingbird

You always wanted to be

To sing your song

But instead we sit

Ready for something to happen

To us

Shouldn’t we be the ones making it happen?

Afterall if were so angry at people trying to understand

But not getting it

Why don’t we just tell them

Because they may make it easier

One day

To fly

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I wish I were dead.

April 22nd, 2010by glitterfullife

I had an abortion a little over a week ago. I miss my baby so much. This was completly the wrong choice, and I don’t know what to do. The only people that know are one  “friend” (who has since stopped speaking with me), and the baby’s father. I feel like I can’t talk to him because it seems like he’s already moved on. I’m so mad that he didn’t think we could manage a baby. I honestly don’t think I love him anymore. I’m mad at myself for not fighting more for my baby. I’m scared that the baby is mad at me, even …

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I Lost

April 22nd, 2010by 77evergone77

This is for Charolette. I think I might be finally comming out of my writers block.

Normal, or emo? To cut, or not to cut? How is tht even a question? So Manu thought,questions, and even answers were running through my head. None of which o would share with HER.

SHE is a therapist. But her appearance suggests she’s a porcilen Barbie, not suitable for play or exposure to screw-ups. How she got this job, I could only wonder. There were many possibilities but I didn’t dare think hard on the subject, lest my mind go onto more unwanted areas. She had a habit of wearing tight …

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imm stupid and i hate myself

April 21st, 2010by unknown227

im happy now but there have been alot of times ive been depressed and its bound to happen soon.but heres one thing ive decided and i kno its stupid but im 15,almost 16 and ive never had a girlfriend or have kissed and its embarrasing and i really want a relationship with a girl and i want to feel loved.ive really liked 6 girls in my life and every fucking time i fuckup andnothing happens ihate it and friendhas had plenty of gf n also had gona killmyself if nothing happens before im16

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Turtles All the Way Down

April 21st, 2010by Anna

When we think we’ve reached the end, we’re only back where we begin.

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April 21st, 2010by Violet Blake

The sun was shining on my face, something it hadn’t done in a good, long time.

Today was just another day, no different from the day before. I woke up at 5:30 am, got ready for school, drove to school, waited for the last bell to ring before i could book it out of there, and then I went home and did homework until I had to cook my siblings dinner and go to bed. Not a very exciting routine, but I didn’t mind it so much.

There is always one thing that changes though, always one thing that I know is going to be different: my …

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Zebra and Butterfly Dreams

April 21st, 2010by charlotte_intheskywithdiamonds

The butterflies and zebras

Dance in the night

She dances with them

Never looking back

Moon to her right

The darkness is following

Always ready to leap

She dances her way across the sky

What happens when you reach the end

Of  your cloud?

The one you dance on

With butterflies and zebras

The darkness right behind you

What do you do?

You jump

And turn into to a butterfly

With zebra striped wings

Then soar the night sky

For butterflies and zebras

Are what we become

Once we jump

*I know that this poem sounds crazy and many of you may no get it. FYI the jumping part is not about jumping off a cliff to plummet to your death. This is not supposed to be …

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4/20/10: “it is such a long story i’m not even going to try to bother you with it, but it has a very bad ending, i’ll tell you that”

April 21st, 2010by L

I stopped over at Scott M——-’s today. I had five pages, printed out, stapled together, in my bag. I was going to give them to him. They were the pages of the entry I wrote right after that whole night with Brandon happened. I wasn’t expecting him to read it and feel bad, I wasn’t expecting anything to change, I was just expecting him to read it in front of all of his buddies, and laugh. Laugh at how pathetic, emotional, and weak I am. I pictured it, him sitting in the middle of his couch, just flipping through the pages and reading off every …

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April 21st, 2010by searching for hope

well, i guess i’ve been doing better. i’m not sure. nothing has happened lately to make me sad, but when it does, i know ill be worse. i feel that im blocking my feelings at the moment, but i know im not happy. im stuck in between. i feel blank. but i hate feeling blank because it makes me feel confused. school stresses me out a lot. all these projects that i have to work on are not helping. i feel like ive lost myself… i feel boring. it sucks. im just living with the same old routine everyday… waking up at 5am, going to …

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April 20th, 2010by shadow.moon

If anyone needs anyone to talk to after a rough day or anything.
Please go here;

we can chat 🙂
and if you want to email please email me at:

no longer love-advice. 🙂

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My Beautiful #3

April 20th, 2010by charlotte_intheskywithdiamonds

My love is a burden

Always weighing me down

But you shot at it

And I came to you

Looking for peace

Only to find war

You were my beautiful 

The one that I love

Flying on wings

You were my beautiful

The one that held me tight

Then the storm and darkness came

And my wings didn’t work

So you left

When I was no longer beautiful

Now I fly

Though the storm has not passed

I find strength in my anger

To fly and to soar

For a while

Before I must come back to rest

I lost the war

But so did you

Because you are no longer

My beautiful

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Put on a Happy Face

April 20th, 2010by Violet Blake

I find that its easier to smile then to frown.

I’m stuck in a school where no one wants to hear about your problems, they just want to get through the six classes of the day and be done with it.

What isn’t easy is pretending. I’ve never had to pretend to be happy when I’m not, it’s never been necessary. Now, in high school, it’s like they have “be happy or don’t bother coming” postered on every single space of wall. The girls don’t cry from heartbreaks, the emo’s dont shed a tear for their screwy lives, and the clinically depressed never even spring a leak for fear that …

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Surviving My Thoughts…

April 20th, 2010by Erica

December 15th, 2009 My 29th birthday, the day I was going to die, came and went and I am here today telling you my story.

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April 20th, 2010by minda0391

I don’t know where to start… There is so much to get off of my chest.

Well, in 7th grade I caught my dad looking at gay porn. He never knew it, and I never told anyone. Eventually my younger brother and sister walked in on him as well and then my mom found out and everything went from there. My dad came out as gay, my mom freaked out mentally and physically. (had to be hospitalized, all of this coming from a very religious family) My parents were youth pastors for heaven’s sake, and well as worships leaders at the church! My family disowned my …

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Please Take Me Away

April 20th, 2010by studyharddiehard

I moved to a new country. The school is hard, the friends suck,I can’t get over what I’m feeling. My parents argue with me all day, because they can’t tust me, and they think I’m not taking my life seriously enough. Maybe they are right, because at this moment, I’m considering swallowing a bottle of pills, or jumping off my apartment roof.

They say, I need to do the right things, they make me feel like i’m unimportant. They make me feel like dieing. No one knows how I feel, no one knows what it’s like. Atleast no one I’ve met. All the stories I’ve read …

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April 20th, 2010by fireflieslight

Adultery is the case that a commitment broken.
Those who not married but cheated with real actions or just flirtings, the substantial commitment bonded is violated there.
And by law in most countries, people are free to engage in sex as long as they are not married and within the law abiding.
So the law seems to agree that lies are permitted to those people even sex is related.
Then why marriage is to be set being so sacred ? Some religious people even bind words of “till death do us apart”. Do we really have to die ?
Isn’t that only to bind the sharing responsibility of children and wealth …

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April 20th, 2010by RCLEMENTS

I recently attempted suicide by slashing my wrist. I was taken to the emergency room, and placed on a 5150 Involuntary Hold, after which I was placed in a psychiatric ward for 72 hours. I did this because my partner of seventeen years flaunted his new sex partner in my face, even going so far as to have sex in our bed WHILE I was trying to kill myself. I survived obviously, but he could care less if I succeeded. So, if you are trying suicide because you are trying to make someone take notice, do not bother. It will not work.

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April 20th, 2010by blindtomyself

So i know I have a wonderful life. A family, job, people who care. I feel compleatly alone.
Some reason ujnknown to me, i have been staring at a little orange bottle mindlessly for over three hours, there are twenty one pills inside and i know it would end it. I want to. I could, its simple. i cant.
i dont even know why i want to. i feel like the world is caving in on me. like if i wasnt here everything for everyone else would be easier. i feel like a problem.
i’ve never said a single word to anyone about this, ever, …

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there is no way out..

April 19th, 2010by becca92

My story sort of. Also a rant. About eating disorders, cutting and suicide. Also about an abortion.

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